Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Developer's Diary aka "How the professionals do it"

Greetings friends!

Before we begin today I would like to address you all to http://gamerslounge.coda.net this is the podcast run by my good friend Bill.

Some of you may know him from his appearances on my hobby podcast Hobby Sofa, others may know him from his own projects such as his blog and of course the before mentioned podcast.

Now while I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about a recent feature that has started on this podcast:

The Developer Diary
In this segment in Bill's cast (and as stand alone episodes too) Bill sets a single question to his panel of game developers, including such questions as How did you go about picking the size of board for your game? and How does storyline compare to gameplay when it comes to you designing your game?

I would seriously recommend giving this a listen.

You see, if you sat through and read all of my UnPublished Game Designer's Blog posts, then it may be of super interest of you to see how the professionals do it when it comes to designing their games.

I think I will end this post quickly with a quote from the organiser of this himself, as he explains what all this is about so much better than me:
The Developers corner is an 8 part series of segments where Bill has picked out a series of questions to pose to game developers. Three game developers participate in this first series, Toby from GCT, Romeo from WWX, and Dave from BHG. In these three developers we have a new but established game (Bushido), a newly launched game (WWX), and a game still in development (No Future). All three game designers talk about how they tackled the specific scenarios presented in their games.
- Bill Anderson

And on that note, stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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