Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Conventions & Planning

Greetings friends!

So do you know what day is Saturday? No not that!

It's the date of my next exam! With hope it will also be (if I pass) the last exam of my Level 2 AAT course so that I can have that qualification and get started on Level 3!

But this date is more than just that, it marks the end of my gaming embargo where I can get started on compiling the next phase of the CRYPTS beta but also start having some (related) fun!

You see I've got a mini project on the side related to CRYPTS that I am hoping to do, without giving too much away it is essentially about taking New Fairbank Radio in a slightly different direction. There will be games being played on it, but it will also involve other sorts of recordings.
- More on this as it develops.

But what else? Well it's also podcast related...

It is the week before Salute 2014!

Yup, the UK's largest wargaming convention is finally on us and for a third year in a row I shall be attending.

I am hoping to make use of my portable recording tools (iPhone with a headset microphone attached) and while there I hope to record some chats for Hobby Sofa!

So who will be there for the show? We're looking at myself of course! Andrey will be there no doubt entering his latest piece into the show's painting contest and I have it on good faith that some of the Soulstone Train podcast crew will be there as well!

So what about you? Will you be popping along to what looks to be a great show with plenty of great companies turning up?

If so be sure to grab us and say hi! Need to find us? Just look for the awesome cowboy hat with a bearded idiot attached!

On that note there is little left to say other than stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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