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CRYPTS: Models?

Greetings friends!

So by now you have probably seen me mention on many occasions how one of the selling points of CRYPTS is that it allows you to use any models you want as long as they are roughly the same scale (28mm vs 32mm is fine, but 54mm vs 10mm is just weird!).

So yeah we get that, but what should these creatures look like? What images or monsters did I have in mind when I envisioned them crawling through the crypts of New Fairbank?

What about if you don't have anything suitable? Well I should be able to help you there...

I should probably say these are all internet pictures and not my own.

Well let's start shall we?

Giant Rats
Giant Rats have always been what they are, rats that are giant!

Otherworld Miniatures have these great little dudes! They are characterful without being mutated like many giant rats end up.

If however you are looking for something a little cheaper, then there's always old Warhammer plastics:

Giant Spiders
Now like the Giant Rats, Giant Spiders have little special about them other than their size. For me the perfect model is the GW plastic goblin spider rider without it's rider

Skin Walker
Now these are difficult for me as they have different forms. When it's undiscovered a skin walker looks like a normal human, but when challenged it mutates and shifts.

If you are after something imposing then maybe Black Hat is for you

Perhaps however you would rather go down the fleshy route, in which case you have the Hell Dorado Flesh Demon

Or if you are more interested in the vermin side of things, there's Wormpile also by Hell Dorado

Who can forget everyone's favourite Spider Queen?

For her there is always G49's Lolth

Now she is a superb miniature but a little pricey! If you're after something a little cheaper then you may instead be interested in Reaper Bones:

Now imps are the mischievous little devils that are used by the Demons as slave labour.

I scoured high and low looking for something suitable and believe the best option is again going to Reaper

The Pathfinder Goblin Warriors are fantastic models that I find encompass the look and feel of Imps really well.

Lesser Demons
Now we come to the Demon rank and file.

Obviously how you see demons is going to be different to everyone. For me they are feral creatures of low intelligence that are thrown at the front line by their commanders.

For my games I've gone back to Hell Dorado again and using the Infernal Horde

This is a WiP of my own model.

Greater Demons
Greater Demons are Lesser Demons that have been force fed Blood Crystals and Shards. They are hulking brutes of models that have an unstoppable desire to hurt the enemies of Infernis.

For these I have gone again to Hell Dorado who have two models perfect for this:

First up is Zaxxan a large creature holding a massive blade. Another great choice would be the Infernal Crusher

Next up is the Damned, humans corrupted by the energies of the Dark Below that now serve the will of Infernis.

These are humans that are shown as the ultimate shock trooper, enjoying both inflicting pain and having it inflicted on them.

For these I've gone back to Hell Dorado for the Damned of Wrath

The Butcher
Last but not least for the Demons is their General: The Butcher.

Now this is a character that for a long time I struggled on before finding two suitable models that are very different in styles.

First sticking with my Hell Dorado lists is the Greater Damned of Wrath

A beautifully gory model that screams of rage and anger.

The other choice is by Raging Heroes called Gluttony

That's it for Demons, onto:

Now these are on the whole very generic, but none the less I will show you my model choices.

Now Zombies are such a fodder item, it must be rare finding gamers without pre existing Zombie models. I was one such unusual gamer.

So onto Reaper I went where I found these guys:

Models I think you will agree are more than suitable for your zombie needs.

Next up were Skeletons, the foot soldiers of the Undead legion.

For me it was back to Reaper again where among other varieties (spears, bows etc) there were these generic beauties:

Like the Damned, the Wretched are humans corrupted by the energies of the Dark Below forced to work with the Undead monsters.

For these it's back to Reaper again for their Undead Outlaw!

The Skeleton King
Now for this boss you are going to want to find yourself a model that's actually quite rare. Something that is both 'undead lord' but not the usual sort of 'Lich lord' that companies like GW are quick to sell.

Funnily enough like all the other Undead, Reaper are here to save the day!

Enter Dragoth the Defiler:

Supplied with 4 heads; human, skeleton, helmed and ghoul this guy is more than perfect to represent the powerful boss who's specialty is his undead influence and not his speed.

The Brood
Now The Brood are the mix match of the factions with monsters that don't really fit under any other faction banner.

The Shifter is CRYPTS' answer to Werebeasts. What better to represent this than Privateer Press' Circle range

Now the Doppelgänger is a Beasty that has yet to even reach the planning board and is due to 'ship' with CRYPTS: Trinity; the game's first optional expansion.

This is a model who's abilities are based on it being able to react to outside stimuli. So unlike the Shifter which changes based on what it wants to do, the Doppelgänger changes based on who attacks it!

Currently I have no plans on model selection, but I wanted to include a mention of the creature for completeness.

The Lost
Like the Damned & Wretched the Lost are humans who have been warped and twisted by the corrupting energies of the Dark Below.

Their touch burns with fire and their steps echo with thunder.

For these I can see no better model than Hell Dorado's Efrit warriors

The Demon Seed & Nanny
Bringing the model selection to a close we have the boss of The Brood, a pairing of The Demon Seed & Nanny, a monstrous child and it's care taker.

These models were created in reverse. I knew I wanted to make use of the model I use for The Demon Seed, the Little Lord from Smog 1888

This monstrous child is always guarded and protected by Nanny, the Brood's answer to Mary Poppins. For her I knew of only one model that would do it justice; Wyrd Miniatures' Weaver Widow


And after all that we finally draw ourselves to a close!

I hope you've enjoyed getting a glimpse at how I see the monsters of CRYPTS and I would love it if you would share your own visions.

On that note; stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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  1. I love the skeleton king model, might have to buy one of them!