Friday, 23 May 2014

A Random Thought - CRYPTS: Anarchy Edition

Greetings friends!

So I've been thinking over the past few months about alternative versions of CRYPTS. The first I've mentioned a couple of times before:
CRYPYS: Hardcore
For those who don't know, CRYPTS: Hardcore is all about cranking the challenge to 11, where death is permanent and the rewards are sweeter!

But that's not all I've been thinking of, I'd like to throw around this idea:
CRYPTS: Anarchy
So like how Hardcore would take a lot of the softer rules, throw them out of the window and make the game into a Last Man Standing affair, where you win by being the last person to die, Anarchy takes all the rules and spins them on their head:

Rule 1: The Keeper - GONE!
That's right! There is no Crypt Keeper! The Keeper is gone, zeroed out, immortalised in the history books of yesteryear!

Rule 2: Co-Op - Gone!
You heard right cupcake! The times of being able to rely on your posse members is out the window! Now it's a dog eat dog environment, but as is often the case, you will still need the other posse members if you hope to progress as far as possible.


So what does all this mean to the game?

The idea is that by removing the Keeper role, you take control of the beasties out of the planned and tactical actions of a designated player and instead add a touch of anarchy to proceedings.

Beasty Control:

Normally in the game the Keeper gets to make an activation in turn with a player activation, without a keeper this now changes.

Instead every turn each player rolls 1d6 to determine their Beasty Initiative.

Normal initiative is played out as normal, with whichever side has the lowest model count going first, if this is the Beasties going first, then whoever rolled the highest Beasty Initiative gets to control them first.

This player gets to pick any of the Beasties and activate them to do anything of their choice. However there are a few rules they can not do:

Beasties without a range attack can not end their activation further away from a posse member than they started (no running away).

Beasties can not attack themselves unless they have a specific ability that requires this (no suicide).

Beasties can not attack other Beasties unless they have an ability that requires this (no friendly fire).

Beasties may not make pass actions when other suitable actions are available.

Remember, you win the game by being the last player alive, if you reach the end of a Crypt and more than 1 player is left alive, then the Crypt wins and you all lose.

Players may attack other players if such a situation occurs.

To be a winner, the last surviving player must be in the final room of the Crypt.


As you see this creates a whole new arrangement with the players. They want to get to the end and doing so requires co-op play, but if they get to the end with more than 1 player then they either loose or they duke it out in a death match to the end!

I hope this has been of interest and so until next time; stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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