Monday, 12 May 2014

Developers Corner - Miniature GAMING vs Miniature HOBY: CRYPTS' View

Greetings friends!

So I've been listening to the latest episode of Gamer's Lounge where they feature Question 7 of the Developers Corner where they tackle the difference between games that are focussed on the GAME itself and those that focus more on the HOBBY aspect and where the game designers took their ideas for each focus.

Well I thought it would be fun to put down into text my own ideas about this for CRYPTS.


As you all by now probably know the game CRYPTS is not designed as a super competitive game and that actually the best way to progress through it is to be cooperative with your posse members.
- Of course the relationship between Posse and Keeper is far from cooperative.

But what is more important? The rules or the models?

Well that's interesting considering CRYPTS will not have a miniature line, common sense would say that I have as such decided that the focus should be on the rule set itself?

Maybe not!

Yes there is no miniature line for the game, but this was done for the specific reasons of giving players freedom over their model choices, reducing the 'buy in' costs but most importantly allowing you as the player to grab your favourite undead, demon etc models, paint them up to a beautiful standard and field them all together not worrying about branding.

This is the same reason why no base size restrictions were put in place for the game. If you want to use a demon horde that features a massive 60mm+ model then you can!

- It might seem strange to feature this strange freedom, but the idea actually came to me from my favourite memories of my video gaming history:

Rewind about 7-8 years. I was playing the Superhero MMO City of Heroes. I was fighting through an army of mutated alien/human hybrids searching for the gang's boss. I reached the final room of the office the gang of hybrids were using as a base, knowing full well that the rules of elimination meant the gang boss had to be in this room.

I bust down the door and prepared my flaming fists to unleash a barrage of burning justice on the hybrids, when all of a sudden I realised that the boss didn't appear to be there, just a group of hybrid thugs!

So what did I do? The best I could in that situation of course! Turning my body into living flame I flew amongst the group of thugs and unleashed an explosion to knock out the whole group at once.

Then the unexpected happened. As the explosion ripped through the thugs my energy (as usual) was drained leaving me vulnerable to attack. But I thought "no worries! They are just a group of thugs" but then it struck me!

From below in the centre of the group of hybrid thugs a tiny, yet super strong fist caught my jaw and I was knocked out cold.

It turned out the boss, while using the normal hybrid-boss model had been scaled down so that he was hidden by his thugs, but just because he was small his stats were no different and in my weakened state I was of no match for his super strength.

It might sound silly, but this moment always stuck with me and told me that a character doesn't have to be big to be strong.


So where does my focus go with this game?

I would say that my attempts to create a well rounded world through the fluff and short stories, combined with my allowance for almost complete creative freedom with people's models puts me pretty firmly in the HOBBY camp of this discussion.

Saying that, I would hope that the numerous revisions I have mass to characters, rules, gear and all that is in between lends itself to a good ruleset that does not leave people feeling it is incomplete.

I guess I can summarise it by saying that I have tried to tailor the rules to give people the opportunity to be as creative and inventive as they so choose when it comes to the hobby side.


Hope you enjoyed this mind splurge and until next time; stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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