Friday, 12 December 2014

A Socio-Political World View: Through the eyes of a Grade-A Bastard

Greetings friends!

If you didn't already know; I am a Grade-A Bastard.

I do not mean this in the paternal sense; rather the is not a nice person sense.

The way I see it, there is a fuck-tonne wrong with this world and in recent years we have seen a lot of people stepping up claiming to want to fix it.
- Or in many cases, being held up by others who say that this person wants to fix it.

Before I go on about this, let me tell you a little bit about myself. It is my hope that with this understanding of me, you will understand why and where my point comes from.

In my current opinion, belief is bad. So many people are precious of their beliefs, so much so that they are quite literally willing to kill and/or die for these beliefs. I see that as bad, no one person is infallible, and to be infallible a person needs to be able to admit they were wrong and with a belief a person is unwilling to ever admit that their belief might be wrong - that's largely the point of a belief.

I think religion is based mostly on belief.

I think the cult of celebrity is just a modern religion.

I think YouTubers and their fans are just another form of the cult of celebrity.

I host a YouTube channel.

The closest thing I have to a religion is Chaos Theory, but even then I am not a Chaos Theorist.

I am open to the possibility that there is a God or Gods, but I am not Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Agnostic. Neither am I an Atheist.

I think that as a culture what is currently reviled in the form of psychopathy should actually be something sought after and celebrated. Life without guilt, what better life and society would there be? To do 'good' things, to not cheat on loved ones and not steal and to make those decisions because you choose to rather than being simply afraid of suffering guilt afterwards!

I think that the market should be a free market. That if something is successful it should be because it is popular with the people and if you don't like something you vote with your wallet and don't buy it.

I think that everyone should be accountable for their actions and that those who blame their bad choices because of a bad childhood or a case of abuse are just looking for excuses and sympathy.

I think that once you are an adult you should work for everything, nothing should be given out for free.

I think that we should support those who contribute to making society better and not support those who do not.

I think that contributing to society can be anything from working and paying tax, to simply making another person smile.

I think that anyone who has ever improved another person's life for the better has done the greatest thing possible.

I think that we are all the most significant things in existence while simultaneously being the least significance.

I think that if corporal punishment could be scientifically proven to stop crime then it should be implemented.

I think that everyone has a voice and retains the right to speak it.

I think that everyone has the right to ignore anyone else for any reason.

I think that Human Rights was the worst thing to happen to Justice.

I think Justice is subjective.

I think that hypocrites are the lowest of the low.

I think you should never judge someone based on appearance.

I think that most 20 something's and below have ridiculous hair and should have stones thrown at them until they shave it off.

In short I am a Grade-A Bastard.

You know what else I think?

I think that people have the right to their own opinions and if we are to ever move forward as a culture we need to accept that there will be different opinions.

We are currently seeing so much of this in the Western World. With the issues tied up with Third Wave Feminism and the gaming community to bloody UK politics with bloody Russell Brand of all people going on about a cultural revolution and the evils of the 1%.

What are we seeing around those who follow these socio-political movers? Essentially it's just a self-righteous echo chamber. One person after the other congratulating the fellow like minded about how aware they are and how they get the real issues of the world. We also see a shit-tonne of clubbage and in-out grouping going on, all based around a single concept:
"I'm a good person and I think 'X', therefore if you do not think the same you must be a bad person

And as we all know, society doesn't like bad people.

But should things be that way?
In my opinion absolutely not!

Every single person is different, and with that difference comes value and consequence. If we are supposed to aspire to be better than our cultural representatives need to represent the culture itself. Yes even the Commies and the Nazis! Even the nut jobs and the bleeding hearts, hell; even me and you.

But you know what we need?

It has become very popular to say that we need to put people before the pound, that we need to focus on the environment not industry, that we need to give to the needy.

It has also become very unpopular to say that we are going to take from anywhere that is not labeled by the modern 'free thinkers' as 'bad people'.

I say this is largely bull shit!

We do not need another social commentator talking about the ills of the modern government.

What we do need is someone to come up with answers and real suggestions; and no "putting the people before the pound" is not a suggestion, it's an ideology.

But these people don't want that, the last thing they want to do is provide solutions to the problems; why? Because they do not have any solutions, only the before mentioned 'holds no water' ideologies.

Instead they want our continued support and admiration. They want add revenue and patreons.

Those who follow these people claim to be free thinkers, with open eyes and eager minds, but they are the first people to attack when someone disagrees with their latest idol.

There's a word for that: fanaticism.

Where does this fanaticism come from? The way I see it; affluent guilt.

These people are comfortable enough that they don't have to worry about where their next meal is coming from or if they are going to have a home to go home to, and how do I know this?
Just check out the hierarchy of needs. It's is practically impossible to concern yourself with ideologies when your basic needs are not taken care of.

These people come with a 'privilege' and they are ashamed of it. They feel a guilt over it and they want to try and quash that guilt the best way they know how - latching on to whatever is the current hot topic of protest. That way not only do they feel like they are trying to make a difference, but then others can see them trying to make a difference.

It angers me, it enrages me to no end to see this bullshit going on and these people being lauded as wonderful amazing people when subconsciously they are being the epitome of selfish - they want to feel good.

But what can you do? Nothing!

What right do I or anyone else has to silence these people? None whatsoever.

What right do I have to respond to these people by giving my counter argument? Every right in the world.

On that note, good night and if you got this far; thank you.

Feel free to respond, comment, critique for I would love a healthy discussion about this.

Just remember: I'm a Grade-A Bastard...

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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