Sunday, 7 December 2014

First Law: Override - Gang War

Greetings friends,

So today I'm going to talk to you about something that I've had brewing a short while and have hinted it but until now not confirmed:

Gang War - the Competitive Skirmish Game set in the First Law: Override universe.

I know what you're thinking; why make a skirmish competitive game when the main game isn't finished? Well it's simple: the main game has a lot of complicated game mechanics in order to enable the AI system, by creating Gang War the side project it allows me to create stat profiles and rule systems without needing to touch on the more complicated systems.

So what can you expect from Gang War?
Well in Gang War you will be controlling a group of characters; no more than 5-10 per side as they fight for control of their region of Honos.

The gangs playable will be all the groups we've already seen featured in First Law: Override:

The Accord
The United Earth Force: Medium cost Humans who specialise in ranged combat with medium armour and medium quality tech.
The Wraiths: High cost Hydan who specialise in stealth with low armour and high quality tech.
The Honos Mining Corp: Low cost Humans who specialise in low quality weapons and tech but heavy armour and strong melee.

The Reavers:
The Raiders: Medium cost Humans who specialise in medium quality weapons, low quality armour and medium but fast vehicles and tech.
The Red Claw: Low cost Kratel with medium quality weapons and armour and low quality tech
Unity: High cost Reborn with high quality tech and armour.

Your gang will be composed of mainly the same group; so if you are playing a Red Claw gang it will be almost exclusively Kratel, however you can recruit from other Reaver sponsors at a higher cost. As a Red Claw gang you would be unable to recruit from Accord sponsors. There will however be independent contracts available to allow you to recruit members that are unaffiliated. So in said Red Claw gang you could recruit a Hydan (normally associated with the Accord) who was sympathetic with the Reavers).

Unlike a lot of modern skirmish games; Gang War will include a rolling campaign system who's function is 2 fold:
1). Introduce an experience and skill system in a much more toned down version to how the main game will appear.
2). Introduce a story progression system in a much more toned down version to how the main game will appear.

Essentially it is a stepping stone to allow for better rules development o the main game, and as mentioned before; allows for rules and fluff development without the pains and trials posed by the cooperative restrictions of the main game.

There will be differences; the members of your gang for example will not be any way as tough or strong as your Sponsored Agent in FL:O, instead we are looking at rank and file people. There will also be a lot less customisation, the aim being that you will put as much customisation into your entire gang as you would your singular Agent.

So I'll leave you for now, but I will be back soon with more information.

Until next time; see you Fringe side!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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