Thursday, 18 December 2014

Twenty Hours of Gameplay Later - Alien: Isolation

Greetings friends!

For those who tuned into my Twitch Channel last night this will most certainly not be news, but for those who didn't; last night I completed Alien: Isolation the super stressful game of cat and mouse with you (Amanda Ripley) hiding from Giger's iconic Alien, following twenty hours of nail biting, heart stopping and hair pulling suspense.

That's right; twenty hours of gameplay was gleaned from this beast of a game - and I was playing on Easy, so god knows how much longer that would have been on Hard, or God forbid: Nightmare difficulty.

In due course I will be doing a proper write up to both give the game its dues while also laying it's flaws out to bear.


Now already someone has pointed out to me that Alien: Isolation was the game for my #FridayNightHorror feature and yesterday was most certainly not Friday (even though I certainly wish it was). So I suppose it does deserve an explanation:

Firstly the game devs have recently put out an update with additional difficulty levels namely Nightmare where the gameplay itself changes including having your motion tracker (the one tool that saved my life more than any other) provide false and inaccurate readings, while the map system is 'offline'. Obviously I wanted to try this game mode out, but because of the limitations of Alien's save system this was only doable after completing the game normally - more on this when I do my proper write up.

Secondly I was enjoying the game too much! I had read that the levels that followed where I was on Friday were going to be some of the most amazing in the game (they were not wrong) and like a child waiting for Christmas I wanted to play with my toys NOW!!


Of course this leaves me with the question about what I can do for this Friday.

I'm leaning one way or another.

I really want to carry on with The Evil Within, which I do feel is a more traditional horror game but I am wondering if a 1 off Nightmare Mode play through of Alien would actually be the best. Start at the very beginning on max difficulty and see how long it takes for me to die.

- In fact that could be it! Stream the cast for as long as it takes for my first death on Nightmare mode! Maybe it will be within the first 20 mins, or maybe 3 hours? Who knows!

Regardless I hope you will join me tomorrow (19th Dec) at 2100 GMT at and for extra info and notifications there's my Twitter account for my streaming: @Loxbotlive

Until next time!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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