Tuesday, 16 December 2014

LoxBotLive & Friday Night Horror

Greets friends!

So last Friday I brought back my temporarily displaced #FridayNightHorror show on LoxBotLive my twitch account.

Suffice to say it was wrought with technical issues that I wasn't happy about.

For starters the day before my computer had encountered problems when I had tried to update the graphic software and was only fixed by restoring to an earlier system restore point.

I thought that had fixed things, but turns out it hadn't so I had to purge the computer of graphic software and start again from scratch. Thankfully this time it worked, however my streaming client fell over when it came to streaming my game of choice - Alien: Isolation.

I didn't know if the problem lay with Alien: Isolation which had recently been updated, or the client which had also recently been updated, but I knew I had to try something else.

Bring on about an hour of tweeting and tuning as I tried to set up Open Broadcast Software (OBS) to work properly while on the fly.

Up until then I had experiences massive issues while running any game and OBS at the same time, which is a damn shame as it is clearly the most versatile of all streaming software.

Well roughly an hour after the scheduled start time I managed to get the stream working; turned out I needed to reduce the streaming resolution buy 0.1 and reduce the output quality from 6/10 to 5/10, doing so turned the game from an unplayable mess of terribad frame rate to something pretty damn smooth.

I am hoping these settings can be applied across the board, as I much prefer to use OBS. For starters it doesn't tie the stream to the game, so the game crashing doesn't cause the stream to cut out.

This Friday I should be resuming my #FridayNightHorror show, however I did decide to do a sneaky-beaky game last earlier this week on Monday. I had read that the level following where I had left off in Alien: Isolation was supposed to be pretty damn awesome, and no word of a lie - it was! I am going to try and upload that to my YouTube channel so you can all view it to your hearts content.

Once I am done with this playthrough of Alien: Isolation I am either going to try and replay through the original Outlast, or continue my Evil Within playthrough - or if I happen to get anything during Steam's Xmas sales then it may be something entirely new!

I hope you'll join me: remember you can subscribe to my twitch channel and be notified as soon as my stream begins, so you never have to miss out on any of the fun!

Till next time!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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