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FL:O - Gang War (Recruitment)

Greetings friends!

So with hope by now you have read my post from yesterday where I unveiled the initial announcement about my spin off skirmish game for First Law: Override - Gang War. It is also with hope that like me you are excited about learning more about how this will play and when you can get your hands on a QuickStart rules pack!
- Hint: If all goes to plan I will have an alpha testing QuickStart Rules pack available in time for my blog's 3rd Anniversary in January.

Well over the next series of weeks I hope to cover the basics of rules. This should help you as players understand how the game works, and for me how to create the QS Pack.

Today I want to discuss the first bit of playing the game:
Recruiting a Gang

So before you begin you need to recruit a gang to play. These will represent the characters and models you will want to be playing.

First you need to decide on a faction: Accord vs Reavers.

As I've covered already in previous posts, the Accord are largely focused on law and order, while the Reavers tend to represent chaos and civil unrest.

Of course this decision will instead more likely be determined by the Sponsor you want your gang to be:

UEF: Medium tech militant Humans
Wraiths: High tech Hydan infiltrators
HMC: Low tech human industrial workers.

Raiders: Low tech Human outlaws
Red Claw: Medium tech Kratel freedom fighters
Unity: High tech Reborn cyborgs.

Once that is decided you need to start recruiting.

Later on you can start filling in your gang with members from other allied sponsors or even non-allied independents, but for now let's stick with your sponsor.

In our example we are going with Accord: UEF, so Humans.

First you are going to want a leader or boss. This character is a one off and you can never recruit another. For this reason they are free. If they die then they will be replaced within your gang.

You get a credit cache of 100 credits. This is what you use to hire more gang members and their equipment.

Now as you have your gang boss for free, this does not mean their equipment is free as well.

So you are going to want to hit the armoury and start buying them some stuff!

At the armoury you will find a range of weapons and gear including expensive heavy weapons, moderately priced medium weapons and more cheaply priced light weapons. This included melee as well as ranged. How much you spend on your Gang Boss is up to you, but in our example we're going to buy them some moderate armour giving 3 Defence Dice (3DD) a mid range mag-rifle and a short ranged kinetic pistol plus an electro-scope for the rifle.

Because I'm playing UEF these weapons and gear are pretty cheap-ish and only cost about C25 (25 Credits).

Next up I'm after some sort of bodyguard, so I'm recruiting a Veteran who comes in at C15 and I'll be picking up for them a Pulse Cannon, a medium ranged, high damage heavy weapon, this comes in at C15 meaning our Vet has cost us a total of C30.

Including our Gang Boss we are now looking at a total of C55, only C45 left in the cache.

Let's add to this 2 Gang Recruits. These characters are cheaper than a Vet but with lower starting stats. The Recruits costs only C10, so C20 in total (only C25 left in the Cache).

We need to equip these two with gear, so let's give the first a mag-rifle like the Boss' (C10) and the second with a two handed blade for some melee mayhem (C10) this leaves us with C5 in the cache.

As the second Recruit is going to be running into the fray a lot they will need some armour, so let's give them some light armour (2DD) at a cost of C5.

This takes us up to C100 and we are ready to take our UEF Gang of 4 (1 Boss, 1 Vet & 2 Recruits) into the Gang War.


Now when you recruit for other Sponsors you will find a few changes. Wraiths for example can buy Crystech weapons (higher accuracy) for the same price as the UEF can hire normal weapons, however hiring the actual characters for Wraiths are more expensive.
- these sort of minor changes apply to all the Sponsors meaning every one has a slightly (but not game breaking) feel straight out of the box.

The major exception is Unity. As the wildcard within the Reavers when you hire for a Unity Gang you must also purchase an augmentation, this will give Unity members a special ability straight away; it can be a speed boost ability, or a damage prevention or anything out of the many augments available. This puts every Unity member at roughly double the cost of the other Sponsors, and then you have their equipment and gear on top.


And there we have recruitment.

For those familiar with the Campaign-led GW games from the late 90s a lot of this will seem very familiar and for those not, I hope it will be a welcome change to a lot of the more rigid model selection games we have now.

Of course we have lots of variety available to you should you want it. Should you need it you could spend all your credits on just your Boss giving them a tonne of weapons and gear. Or maybe you would rather buy lots of cheap weapons allowing you more bodies in your Gang?

The choice in these situations is entirely up to you!

Until next time; stay safe and I'll see you Fringeside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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