Thursday, 12 November 2015

Blog Writing

Greetings friends!

Do you ever look at yourself and wonder if you are intentionally trying to satirise your own life?

I do. I do regularly in fact, possibly self analysing a lot more than is actually healthy. But what I am going to write here today is leaning my thoughts closer and closer to an affirmative.


So some of you may have seen that over the summer I guest blogged a little for Wayland Games writing less about product itself or a certain game, and more about gaming culture itself.

For a while due to a combination of ill health and my focus on First Law: Override these blog posts have dropped off the map.

Recently I spoke with the General Manager and we exchanged a brief series of emails. Within these I propositioned an idea that could be mutually beneficial to us both, namely allowing me to continue my focus on Override, but also post about topics to encourage sales. These topics would cover the game design process and use of Open Source model selections.

I would get to promote the game while also promoting the very items that Wayland stock.

You could say it's a win|win situation.

To date I have yet to send a single blog article under this topic for publishing.

You might be wondering why this is, after all this is a wonderful opportunity for me/us and you would be right! It's a fantastic opportunity! And that's where the problem starts.

The posts need to be -just right-

They say you only get one chance at making a first impression, and I want Override's first impression to be a great one!


To a lot of you who write your own blogs, this probably doesn't seem very unusual as you undoubtably take a long time over your blogs, writing one draft then revising it, spell and grammar checking and then shelving the post for distribution at a later date.

That is not how I write.

My blog is one & done! I write on the tube and train, whatever is my first draft that is typed out on my iPhone, that is the version I publish. It is why a lot of my posts start off interesting, meander onto a side topic and then just stop out of nowhere. You are reading through a window of my mind and seeing all the free association involved.

- Take my stories for example. Much like the blog posts themselves, they too are first draft editions.

I have said in the past that I am not a writer, my writing writes itself. Of course this is pretty much nonsense. I am writing it, as I mentioned before it is essentially free association, I am not consciously thinking about what I write, I am instead subconsciously thinking.

This is why more often than not the posts are nonsense and full of holes the size of New York State, but I would hope that there are a couple of gems in there, at least one... Maybe...

But that is where I am comfortable writing, i shut my brain off and let the stuff flow.

It's cathartic.

Writing these posts for Wayland, they are anything but cathartic.

Don't get me wrong, they are rewarding and every time I have seen one of my posts up there, I get a little buzz, kinda like the exact same buzz I used to get when I Henched for Wyrd. It feels special in its own indescribable way.

At present I am roughly 2 posts down. I need to get the right pictures for them as well as run them past Tom to see if he is happy with them; after all he is part of Override too. But I want to first write at least another 1-3 posts so that I can submit them to Wayland and they can be published as and when they seem appropriate.

Why do them in bulk? It's simple really, I want to ensure that there is cohesion between them all, that they flow and work. I don't want to end one post that should lead onto another but instead take it in a whole different direction.

So yeah... A blog post about finding it difficult to write blog posts. Talk about meta eh?

Until next time; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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