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First Law: Override - The 612 Bounty Store

Greetings friends!

Now I debated about featuring this here or instead keeping it closer to my chest and I figured it best to feature this bad boy right here for you all to see!

Some of you may remember a 6 part short story I wrote around a year(ish) ago called Repo Man.

The protagonists of the story were a duo of Bounty Hunters from the 612 region of The Block.

These two, along with the rest of their Bounty Store group are a number of characters I really wanted to include in First Law: Override as a unique combination of Mercenaries.
- For those unfamiliar, Mercenaries or MERCs are named characters who are hired out of your mission pool Nt (not your Force Cache) and are immune to the campaign progression system so they will never receive injuries, gain skills or die.

The plan for the 612 is to feature them as something different. They are a group of 5 units who together make up 500Nt. They are Factionless but can also be hired separately by either Faction due to their neutrality.

What this means is that you can field them individually with your force-proper, or they can be your force if you so desire**.

**Should you field them as a full force, you will not need to declare a Faction. If for any reason you are required to do so, then they are treated as their own Faction and can not be affiliated with another. The 612 Bounty Store is always neutral and under no circumstances will they do anything beyond accepting paid contracts.


The Mercs themselves consist of the following characters (stats, full equipment and Nt score still TBD):

Paul Homes: The Scoundrel
Paul is an all-round bounty hunter. Light on his feet but weakly armoured, Paul likes to get into medium to close range with his twin pistols to bring a bounty in.

Redd: The Brick
Redd is a meaty bruiser and when paired with Paul receives the added Body Guard skill (but only for Paul). A capable melee fighter with a muscly bulk behind his weight. His choice of weapons is between twin reinforced fighting gloves (counts as dual large melee) or his 2 handed hammer.

Claire Rueben: The Strategist
Claire is the brains behind the 612. She is physically weak with little to no martial combat training, however she can read the landscape like no one else providing a series of strategy bonuses to her crew or anyone who can afford her. She knows the strengths of her team and the weaknesses of her enemy and tries her best to use both to great advantage. For this reason she always carries with her a trusty sniper rifle allowing her to perform at her best as far away from the conflict as possible.

Charlie: The Hacker
Charlie is the youngster of the 612 Crew, no more than very early 20s. Growing up on Honos he was always bullied for his slight stature and inability to aim a gun straight or land a single punch. Charlie has always been adept at Hacking however and complete with his Jackhammer Deck is a dab hand at getting doors and almost any security point open with minimal fuss.

Shogun: The Mech
Shogun is an anomaly on Honos. An outwardly human female in a mech form. Acting as a Link Bot tied to Charlie she is fiercely loyal to him and comes with the Body Guard (Charlie) skill. She is also sentient and unlike normal Link Bots does not enter a disabled state when Charlie does Down or Out. More so, Shogun is not First Law enabled and is able to land a string right-hook with a mechanised fist (counts as singular large melee).


And that is the 612 Bounty Store Crew!

I hope you like the initial soundings of these guys. Over the next month or two I should be putting rules together, however they will at best go into Alpha testing. Currently they do not have a scheduled release date, but it is predicted to be either Book 2 or possibly Book 3.

Anyway, until next time! Stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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