Monday, 16 November 2015

The Road to a Honan Gaming Weekend

Greetings friends!

So this Friday me and my collaborator in Override are having a semi gaming weekend. He is arriving at mine in Friday and leaving Saturday. During that time we are looking at playing Guild Ball and a yet unnamed future game project on Friday with First Law: Override on Saturday.

It is with hope going to be super fun. I'm really hoping to get two games in of Override if I can including a 'classic' match of UEF vs Red Claw.
- I refer to this as a 'classic' match because these two are the poster-boys for their faction. If we were to ever produce a miniature line and have a 'starter set' UEF vs Red Claw would be the Forces of choice. I'm also hoping to take out my Raiders for a spin, however I am also reluctant to do so as I still have a great number of these who are still metal models with resin bases, ie totally unpainted.


One thing I am also hoping to do is see about having a discussion about Code Black.

This is something which with my recent ill health and focus on creative writing has taken a bit of a back seat but is still something I would be really interested in working on.

For those who may have forgotten; Code Black is the Pen&Paper RPG set within the First Law: Override universe. More so than that, it focuses almost entirely on the Technomantic Space or the 'Mantiverse as it is more commonly known.

I've spent a while thinking about if games of Code Black should span both Mantic Space and Honos itself, but I think this causes so many issues that it's just not worth it. After all hours in Mantic Space only consist of minutes on Honos, so if you as a party member 'jacked out' from the Mantiverse then for every minute they spent in the 'real' world, they would be an hour behind the rest of the group. Doesn't sound like the most enjoyable experience to me for that player who gets essentially 'locked out' from the gameplay.

What this does allow however is for extended downtime.

If you are playing a weekly session and that session is supposed to span about a day in game-time, then if a player can not make it for a session, it can be explained through them 'jacking out' for a short amount of time. Maybe they needed the loo or a shower, after all a short 10 min shower, that becomes 10 hours of absence in Mantic Space!

Most importantly it allows for entire campaigns to play out all within the timeline of Book 1. For this is one of the important factors. Mantic Space is NOT Honos. If Code Black proves to be fun to write and play then it will have it's own series of 'world changing events' much like future Override books will.


Anyway I've kinda gone off on a tangent here, so I'll leave you for now and as always wish you to stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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