Friday, 9 March 2012

Chapel Hill: Complete

Good Friday all!

Well it's been a long time coming but Chapel Hill is finally complete!

In order to show case this I would like to cover from start to finish the entire project. Please remember this is the result of two weeks work that cost only a combined total of about £5 in materials.

Step 1: Cut out the flat plateaus from hardboard.

Step 2: From newspaper and masking tape create the general shape required.

Step 3: Create paths with cardboard

Step 4: Cover the whole thing in paper masche

Step 5: Paper masche onto a hardboard base which is cut to size along with ridges for paths

Step 6: Craft fences out of matchsticks with the strike cut off and attach tree skeletons to their desired location

Step 7: Glue basalt to the plateaus and paths, all the while gluing unused cat litter to the base

Step 8: Remove the trees and spray paint the whole thing a dark brown

Step 9: Holding the spray can at a distance spray the whole model with a lighter sandy colour

Step 10: using a sandy coloured emulsion paint, dry brush the entire unit, being sure to get all the lovely creases in the rock surfaces and each grain of basalt

Step 11: Glue trees to place, paint the fences by hand as you would painting 'wood effect' on a mini, attach lichen to trees to make leaves and floor for bushes and static grass/long miniature grass.

And your done!

And now for the guided tour of Chapel Hill:

Here we have Overkill and The Executioner on the 1st Tier while Lady J and Austringer overlook the town.

The path leading to the 2nd tier

The entire of tier 2 including fence close ups

The back of the hill including the path connecting Tier 2 with Tier 3

A shot showcasing a crevice in the side of the hill

And there we have it! I realise as I am sat on the train commuting to work that there are a few features I should have taken proper photos of, the sideways growing tree and the overgrowth at the front for example, but hey why not instead see if you can come to The Titans War Games Club located in Finchley North London and I'll see if I can bring it along!

For now, thanks for keeping up with this project, I hope you've enjoyed reading as much as I've enjoyed doing it, and now back to the drawing board for another project!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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