Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Update on my works

Morning all,

So this weekend could have gone a little better.

I may be back at work, but in no respect am I counted as 'well'.

This translated to the weekend.

However I did manage to get some painting done for some terrain I bought from HobbyCraft:

As you can see from the above picture, I picked up a number of walls for my town, the scale is annoying, it's almost perfect, apart from a lack of a base.

These walls and gates for example, I wanted them to be in line with a human's pectorals.

If you remove a model from its base and place it up against the walls/gates, then that is exactly how high they are, however when mounted on bases, the models appear two big.

One way around this would be to base the walls, this will raise up the height and put it in line with the models.
- the problem there however is that these walls are designed to be slotted together, allowing for near infinite combinations and shapes.

I'm looking to have a game with the board either this weekend or the weekend after, I guess I'll just see how it goes.

Another purchase I made was for modelling plaster (I suppose that's what you would call it).
Essentially it's a plaster like what you would spread on a ceiling to make it textured.

My intent is to buy some 3x3 wood, cover the top with this stuff, before it drys add some sand/basalt/kitty litter and then spray paint/dry brush the whole thing a suitable desert colour.

The first problem I have here is deciding on what wood to use, any thoughts?

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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  1. Careful with a board that's too heavily textured. A friend of mine has one and I dislike playing on it immensly. Nothing stands up straight, you can't push models along it and if they fall over you grab for the figure, heart in your mouth wondering how much damage has been done.

    As for you walls, could you 'base' them, but only as thick as the wall itself so it doesn't impeed their ability to lock together?