Thursday, 17 May 2012

Families who play together, stay together!

Good Thursday all!

As I write this I am currently laying in a nice deep fill bubble bath after being fully discharged by my visiting nurse following on from my operation.

This is the first bath I have had in over two weeks thanks to my dressings I had which I had to keep dry and therefore could only shower and 'sponge bath'.

Anyhow, there's still much to catch up with:

To start off with, if you remember before my operation I played a game of Dreamer vs Levi. It was my first time using Night Terrors and while I loved their speed (which really comes into play when unburied by the Dreamer) having just two as comes in the pack was not enough.

Rather than spend even more money following on from Salute i decided to proxy in with another model I had sitting around; the left over hawk from my Guild Austringer. So a base and puttied arms and legs later I had this dude:

I'm confident he'll do the job until I can pick up another set.

Well then, what next? Perhaps the most important part!

A week ago last Saturday, my lovely wife finally agreed to play a game of Malifaux with me!

I set the game up using my Mali-Stripped rules, just 8SS a side, no masters, everyone has 'Use Soulstone' and no abilities, triggers or spells for the first game.

I decided to give her access to my Guild Crew while I used Gremlins.

The game went well, I did discover that I'm probably one of the worst when it comes to explaining rules, but thankfully she was able to look past that.

The second game was full rules, however still no masters. This was to try and keep the simplicity down while teaching her about some of the common rules and abilities found in the game such as Companion and Slow to Die.

Again this game went well and in no time she was rounding up my Gremlins and putting them out of their misery.

Sadly that was it for playing, however I did also pick up for her birthday her own Colette crew, complete with additional Mech Doves and Coryphee duet - without any starting Doves this works out as a 35SS crew, so once they are assembled and painted she's good to go!

I've still got two major things to comment on, both of which from the world of video games, but they my friends will have to wait...

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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  1. Remember to magnetise the coryphee to the base so you can seperate the duet into two singles as and when required without needing separate models.