Thursday, 31 May 2012

Squigfest Update

Good Thursday everyone,

So I wanted to give a quick update on this Saturday.

Thanks to a wonderful release by Ratty on the Wyrd boards I have printed out a number of reference cards for Squigfest.

I have also made a backing for these cards, and they will be given to anyone who takes plays a game or a demo of Malifaux, however I will not show this yet so to keep an element of mistery as to the event.

One thing I will show off however is my current supply of Cardstock buildings I've built:

As you can see from the folded boards I have printed off roads, 1 large building, 2 medium and 4 small with a couple of accessories here and there.

It's not enough for a packed table but more than enough for a demo game.

I'll probably be using this for the demo board, and my New Fairbank (with Chapel Hill) as my full game board.

On related news, last night I submitted an application to become a Wyrd henchman. I hope they accept, but I'm not getting my hopes up - mainly because I don't have any direct ties to a hobby store (because there are none in WGC or it's neighbouring towns).

And one last thing:

Last week my amazing wife painted the above. This is her first ever attempt at painting a model and there are certain parts of this model that I am jealous of: the straight lines and vibrant colours of the corset for example. After nearly 20 years of painting, these are techniques that I have never mastered.

I also love the home made dice and the bright coloured accessories on her home made base.

I just can't wait to play her entire crew when it's done.

So that's it from me today. With hope I'll be running a semi commentary of Squigfest on twitter, so keep an eye out on Saturday for #Squigfest2012

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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