Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday Blues

Morning all,

I hate to say it but for the first time in three weeks I am back on my way to work.

It's been an interesting three weeks, lots of time being unable to move and barely able to support my own body weight when up. But there have also been some very good things too:

Building paper-craft for example. I've been meaning throughout last week to build more of that, but it never happened.

And I have yet to come even close to finishing my Hooded Rider.

However it's not long till early June and with it two bank holidays (4 day weekend! Kapow!)

But there are other things going on too. Today for example I am resuming my accountancy course, something that's been in suspension for quite some time.

My plan is also simple, from the quiet solitude of my bath I will try one or two of the mock exams I have and see just how much knowledge I have retained. Then when I have found just how much more I need to study I will go back and target those areas.
- I'll be honest, it's scary! I haven't done an exam in about 8 years, and back then I wasn't exactly good at them. So the idea of sitting one shortly to move onto the next level of the course is very scary.

Another thing I'm not too happy about is spending the next 10 or so hours away from my daughter. The past week or so, when I've been able to spend proper amounts of time with her has been wonderful - even if she did find a way to kick me in my operation sites every time.

She's such a happy youngling, who when you pass things to her, you can see her trying to puzzle them out (before giving up and using them to hit things) but after the past few weeks I can see why parents who've stayed at home with their kids for the first year or so are so reluctant to return to the workplace.

Still it has to be done.

Anyway, it appears that this morning's post is no more than an inane ramble, so I'll leave it there and let you get back to more important things.

Have fun, and if you haven't yet, play Diablo 3!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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