Saturday, 8 September 2012

At the Mountains of Malifaux

Fixed Faction 30SS MaliFun Day Tournament

Each round will have a pre set custom strategy:
Round 1: Trick n Treat
- Every table will have 5 items of terrain nominated as 'taggable' 1 in each deployment and 3 with the middle of the board.
- Deployment is Standard Deployment.
- Any significant model that is in Base2Base contact with a taggable terrain piece can use a single (1) Interact action to tag that terrain as yours.
- Once tagged, place a designated marker next to the terrain piece.
- At any point an enemy model in B2B contact with an already tagged piece of terrain can re-tag it with a (1) Interact action.
- At the end of the encounter, if one player has 3 tagged pieces of terrain, score 2 VP. For every piece in addition to these 3, score +1 VP.

Round 2: Monster Mash
- See 'Shared Treasure Hunt'.
- The Treasure Counter, from this point on referred to as the Monster Counter gives the carrier the following additional stats:
Anathema 12
(+1) Melee Expert - Stacking with any current additional AP

Round 3: Burning Man
- Designate one side as the defender and one as the attacker.
- Place a single HT3 50mm Burning Man marker with 6WD completely within the Defender's side of the table, but more than 6" outside their deployment zone.
- At the closing of every turn, the Burning Man counter suffers a damage flip of 0/1/2
- If the Attacker can reach the counter and perform a (2) Interact action, then the counter is discarded and they earn 2VP
- If the attacker is unable to perform their Interact Action before the counter looses all it's wounds, the Defenders gain 2VP.

Schemes will be unique. This means that each player can only take each scheme once for the day.

Tournament Points are awarded as follows:
Winning: 3TPs
Drawing: 1TP
Lose: 0TP

Only one proxy model is allowed per crew.

There will be three awards on the day:
- First Tournament Place
- Best Halloween Themed Costume
- Best Halloween Themed Single Wyrd Miniature

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