Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Cat of God

Good Tuesday everyone!

A quick and slightly silly post today, so please bare with me.

Anyway, so apparently I've had a complaint about my blog...

Apparently there aren't enough posts about cats in Malifaux...

So it is on that note I bring you:

The Cat of God!

Well now, years and years ago I used to play Fantasy Battle at a friend of mine's house (this was probably a good 15 years ago).

And this guy used to have a cat who loved begging for attention.

Based on this we introduced the Cat of God rules: essentially, any model moved by the cat counts as a legal move (outside of your own turn) and any model knocked over by said cat counts as instantly dead.

As you can imagine, with these games in play, I would always try to convince his cat to knock over his Bloodthirster.

Anyway, on that note I introduce my very own Cats of God:

First up is Mischa!

He loves eating green things and flumping/rolling onto things in order to get his belly rubbed.

Can push models around or knock them over with a powerful Flump attack.

Once flumped, almost impossible to move.

Next up: Tycho!

This cat is much faster and more erratic than his brother, but also more chaotic.

Tycho's boundless energy allows him to pounce on any model present in the board, and after his first pounce is quickly ready to perform that action again soon.

While Tycho's energy allows him multiple use of his signature move, his chaotic use of this move leaves you little control of when he will use it.

Also his secondary move "Rebound" can cause massive amounts of models to scatter in all directions. Best saved for when defeat looks imminent for you.

And there we go.

Just a little fun for now

See you all breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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