Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Honey Pot: A Ten Thunders/Neverborn Crew

Good Sunday all!

I'm going to keep this quick and straight to the point today: I have done my first part of studying, tomorrow I'll be re-reading another book and then in a couple of weeks will be applying for exams.

The point, no time to hang around in the bath going over the ins and outs of the new plastics. That's for another post.

So first things first, I'd like to introduce you to my new crew:

First we have Jacob Lynch himself. At some point i would love to go back and detail his cards being drawn by the skele, but currently my freehand skills suck.

I also found his face to be teeny! Getting what little detail I could was an uphill struggle as the fraction of a millimetre off and his whole face was ruined.

Next we have Beckoner #1.

I really liked this model Pre paint job, I felt her sculpting was really good, but as time has gone by I've been drawn more and more to the second:

Which leads us nicely onto Beckoner #2.

And onto Illuminated #1.

This guy I originally disliked. I felt his model was far too top heavy and was just plain weird, but now I'm really liking him.

I doubt it's come out well, but I really like the creeping infection that appears to be spreading across his chest.

Then we move onto Illuminated #2 or Alex Mercer as I've come to call him.

This guy was quite fun to paint, but I beg you, do not stand on his claws. They should remain intact, but your foot may not!

Then we have the final Illuminated, #3.

Originally I liked the concept of this model, she just seemed so freaky! But as with others, the process of painting her has changed that.

She has a wonderful top (a bodice I think it's called?) that is completely covered by her distended jaw, and so just gives her the appearance of being a model that's all skirt with a big mouth.

Next up we have the Darkness himself.

And for those curious of where the detail is on this model:

I'm not so sure about this wormy. I like the idea, and I think it works, I just don't like how it's a large mass of flesh. In my case I found it very limiting for how/what could be painted.

Anyway, that's my recent crew, I hope you like, but personally I feel like they're not my best work.

I don't know if the problems were with the sculpts, my imagination or my skill, but I believe I've done better.

Anyway, time for this cowpoke to sign off:

See you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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  1. Wow, hungering darkness aka - ANIMAL!!!