Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Of Things and Stuff

Good Wednesday friends!

I'm guessing by now most of you have already heard my good news, and are either sharing my happiness/good fortune, or are writhing with jealousy and asking "where the eff is my order?"

But yes, on Monday my Wyrd order arrived and with it came something I am super psyched about receiving:

Yes! My henching TShirt arrived!

Along with it came Book 4: Storm of Shadows, the new plastic Neverborn starter set: Dark Debts, a set of Beckoners, a Rail Golem ordered for a friend, Miss Terious and a miniature Malifaux branded tape measure.

So what are my thoughts on the new plastic medium? Well I'm afraid my friends that will have to wait a few more days.

Once I have finished my crew I'll be writing a thorough review which I'll be submitting to Wyrd. It will have positives, negatives and a few suggestions.

However I will say this, with all the bad press the Dark Debts set has been getting, I went into it with very low expectations, but currently I have been enjoying myself a lot!

Anyway, on with my works:
So since Monday night I've been working on basing the crew.

For those of you who've seen my 'at home' board, you'll know I have a love for the old west. My board is an old west town with some rocks etc, for example:

(that reminds me; Underdog, any chance of you emailing me that photo you took of our last game's board?)

So my next terrain project is to finish up the buildings here (paint the rooftops, paint up some shop signs, ink in some details, that sort of thing) and at the same time pick up a Sarissa Hotel:

All of this is to fill out the town known as New Fairbank, with the hotel being The Honeypot: New Fairbank Branch.

So please, keep this in mind while you see these models.

First up we have the Beckoners (or Jezebels if you read the Crew Creator chart in Book4)

As you can see the models themselves have only been primed but the bases are essentially done.

I have included unpainted copies of these gals just to show what they looked like originally - however I forgot to do so for the rest.

Next up are the Illuminated:

You'll notice a couple of things here: 1). The bases don't have any 'outside' on them. That's because they are 'inside' models for me. 2). The gaps haven't been filled. This is because I SUCK at that. I'm going to see how it goes without, and if they look awful once painted, go back and try my best at filling.

Next we have the master himself: Jacob Lynch

The aim with Lynch was to give him a standard inside base, but with a slight twist of detail. In this case it's a blue rug. Lynch is a very subtle Master who in the fluff seems to do best when he is not drawing attention to his Neverborn (or Ten Thunders) ties. I wanted to capitalise on this with his simple and unimposing base.

Next up we have The Hungering Darkness:

Now this dude is quite a strange one, the model is all mouth! His body is very small in comparison so I wanted to give him a base to add some weight.

With hindsight, maybe I'd have given him an inside base perhaps with some furniture on? But regardless, this is the monster who pops up, feasts on Brilliance and leaves as quickly as he arrived.

Last but not least, a model I painted last week and my first attempt at playing with wood (notice how his base is a lot lower than my latest models)

And that's where we are. Tonight I'll carry on with my painting and with hope before the weekend have a fully painted crew to show you all.

I hope you've enjoyed this little trip with me.

See you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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  1. All looking good, I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the plastics, mine has yet to turn up.