Monday, 7 September 2015

First Law: Override - Adventures in Mantic Space

Greetings friends!

Taking a short amount of time from my daily commute here to talk to you about something brewing in the dark confines of my brain:

First Law: Override - Adventures in Mantic Space, a working title which for the time being will be summarised as First Law: Override - AIMS or just AIMS for short.

No doubt you are wondering what AIMS is supposed to be? Is it a board game? Another skirmish game? Maybe it's an army scale game?

Nope! AIMS is a pen & paper RPG!

If Override - The Skirmish Game is exploring the events on the world of Honos, AIMS is exploring events in Mantic Space also known as Technomantic Space or the Mantiverse, something that for those of you familiar with FLO lore will know is our game's version of the Internet, or the Matrix or God knows what else!

It is a realm of infinite possibilities, where streets and roads are defined by the beliefs and expectations of Mantic Space users.

In AIM, you the player will be playing a Hacker who can be a member of any Override playable race and any playable faction. So if you want to be a Human in the Accord, or a Hydan in the Reavers, so be it, and depending on how development goes, you may not be tied to the existing faction organisations.

But as players you will need to work together to reach your goals.

There is a Shadow spreading across the Mantiverse, a devourer of thought and belief. Some say that it has always existed within the Mantiverse, it's purpose to destroy and eat the Belief Trails that flow throughout the Mantiverse's digital flow. Others say it is because of this belief that the Shadow exists.

To date no one has ever seen The Shadow itself, but they have seen it's effects, as digital constructs and even users themselves have disappeared from Mantic Space altogether only to later reappear as a corrupted version of themselves.

It is for this reason that within the confines of Mantic Space the Accord and Reavers have for the first time in Outer Fringe history worked together, creating a secret division comprised of members from both Factions working together to eliminate The Shadow once and for all.

This division known only as Code Black (which in hindsight probably makes for a better name than AIMS) is where you come in!

Explore the Mantiverse! Investigate disappearing users and constructs, gain abilities and talents only possible within the limitless possibilities of Mantic Space and liberate yourselves from The Shadow!

But do not let your guard down, for rivalries within and between the Factions do still exist and while your primary goal may involve the investigation of a sector of Mantic Space recently corrupted by The Shadow, it is not unreasonable to assume that a rival organisation may have offered a substantial sum to a member of your team to ensure that they, and they alone are the ones who can report back success!


And on that note; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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