Wednesday, 16 September 2015

How things are going: FLOverride & General stuff)

Greetings friends!

So just wanted to put out a little general update post today, nothing major.

First things first, I'm currently building up a small collection of suitable PC games for my Game of the Year 2015 award in January. Got a few real gems of some games in here.
- Saying that part of me wonders how much of them are true 'gems' or if I instead feel a little starved of truly great games this year.
The past two year's GotY (DMC and Alien: Isolation were both games that I think blow this year's competition out of the water, and while other games might be great, they are not truly as great, or they may not (currently) qualify. Take Life is Strange, a game I've recently started playing and am loving, but being episodic, and still missing Episode 05, if they do not release that final episode before January, then for me it doesn't qualify. Likewise there are plenty of games that are great which are currently in Early Access (Layers of Fear, ARK etc) but are not due to have actual release dates until 2016, therefore currently count as 'beta'. I am not convinced that when put up against the games of 2016 they will stand up.

Got a few plans for First Law: Override! Oh yeah I haven't forgotten about that baby! Still am in need of painting, and I would like to set myself the goal of getting all 2.5 forces I have fully done before the new year.

Tom and I are currently playing with a new build that makes some small but very significant changes to Hackers.

If you are curious as to the current rules, as always you can download them from and if you are curious as to these new rules, then I am afraid you will need to wait like everyone else, however if you had signed up to the Ghost Project you would already know as all Ghosts get privileged information before general release!

I'm also looking to do a little bit more PR and we'll be contacting a few casts in due course, but if you would like us on your show or you have already had us and would like to talk about how things have developed and how much you love the rulebook then drop me a line at

One thing I am looking to do is record a player Q&A, possibly to be featured on Hobby Sofa if there are no other mediums. If you have a question then fire off an email to the address above and we'll see if we can answer it!

That's all for now, and so until next time; stay safe and be excellent to each other!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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