Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Week in Gaming: Wildstar - Day 2

Greetings friends!

So as planned last night I played some more Wildstar for about 2 hours. Without further delay let's get started:

Day 2: Wednesday
So the first thing I did was check out my issue with disappearing items.

I was pleased to see my deluxe headpiece was in my inventory, and my eyepatch had been removed entirely allowing me to claim it again from my shared account.

Annoyingly my 'bag of awesome'; an item I received from pre ordering, had also been removed. This was a 10 slot inventory space, but thankfully everything that would have been stored in it was in the main part of my inventory. Until that bug is fixed I'll need to make sure not to log out with anything valuable in that bag space.

So I went back to the costume creator NPC...

You see in Wildstar you get multiple equitable spaces for cosmetic use only. Once I reached level 7 I unlocked the first of these 'costumes'. What this means is that for every item slot I have (head, chest, legs, feet, hands) I can equip another item in this additional slot that overrides the look of what I am wearing.

I decided to go for the beta costume called The Highwayman in conjunction with my cybernetic eye patch.

On that note, I promised you pictures:

So this is my dude! What you can not see because it's off camera is that the chest piece is actually a duster coat that extends roughly down to my knees. The boots are also awesome as they have spurs!
- I'll need to take some full body shots next time.

Looking around I noticed another player talking about how amazing the view was when you climbed the top of a nearby tree, so I did:

They were not wrong!

You see now what I meant before when I said it was a pretty game?

So I met with some mission contacts and got the lay of the land and up to date with current affairs.

Apparently the land had been settled by the Aurin (hippy bunny girls) but these settlers were being hunted by the Draken (humanoid dragon things). Well the Draken had done very well here, building spires out of the skulls of dead Aurin and our scouts had reported that they were preparing to launch a full blown assault on our camp.

Now I would have thought that us meeting them head on would have been a good thing. To the Draken might=right and a show of united strength would have gone a long way at telling them not to mess with us, but no. Instead I was told that they wouldn't send a force to stop the Draken, instead they were assigning one operative (me) to sneak in behind enemy lines, sabotage their communications and assassinate their leader.

So off I set; pistols ready, just waiting to start bringing some pain to the oppressive Dommies, I followed a dirt path round to the valley the Draken had set up camp and saw a small group of them with weapons drawn getting ready to head out.

So I did what I do best and put a bullet between their eyes, after all there's no use trying to reason with a Draken.

Afterwards I looked around feeling pretty good with myself, I had dispatched the camp and was ready to take on the leader, but hold on, no my mission said I still had a lot more to do.

Looking around I realised my error, the camp was nothing more than a forward observation post, and following the valley further in I was soon greeted by the base if operations itself.

The base was located in a large opening in the valley, more structures and cages were lining the walls than I could count and the Draken were in massive numbers preparing for their attack.

This was going to need a little but more stealth and planning than I had originally thought...

Utilising the abstract methods if travelling, be it jumping across rocks and away from patrol paths I managed to infiltrate the heart of the base, disable the communications relay and take out the leader with her harem of male slaves before sprinting out as fast as I could.

Once I reported this in I was tasked with meeting a Mordesh scientist who had begun experimenting on the local wildlife. After a short jog I arrived at the complex, which despite what I imagined was more of a series of tents housing tech and research equipment interspersed with cages holding strange Pygmy like creatures.

It was here that I had to leave it for the night.

It hurt tearing myself away from this game, with mysteries and questions circling me; who were these Pygmy creatures and why was the Mordesh professorat interested in them? Will I find any more giant tree-mechs? Where the hell are the other -lore cubes- (I forget their real names) and was it me or was Nexus very similar to WoW's Azeroth in terms of a giant mechanical ball floating in space that somehow has life on it? More importantly, how did Nexus get organic life on it? Was it intentional or accidental?
- I just hope the answer isn't "an Old God did it"...

On that note, stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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