Friday, 13 June 2014

Recording Audio: What 'not' to do! (plus Wildstar update)

Greetings friends!

Did you know that today is Friday? How freaking awesome is that!?

Well last night two pretty interesting things happened for me.

For starters I met over Skype with my friends Andrey and And Wiseman and recorded the first episode of Hobby Sofa in nearly 6 months! I am hoping to have this edited and released in roughly a week's time - there's a lot of editing needed, and not for the reasons you'd think.

I also learned something that frankly I am disappointed with myself over;

Never edit audio-recording settings while you are recording audio!

Seriously how stupid is this? We nearly lost the first 20 mins of recording because I was trying to fine tune my recording software on the fly.

Thankfully And Wiseman always records all his Skype calls, so while that's a little creeper/stalkerish it means that he saved the day when my recording software stopped responding and needed to be closed without saving what had come before.


Something else pretty awesome happened yesterday:

While playing a small amount if Wildstar I took inspiration from some of the incredible looking personal houses on the Wildstar message boards and decided to make my Rocket-House into two stories.

Now I have the ground floor which currently consists of an uncomfortable sofa and a tiki mask, a stairwell up to the first floor with two unfinished walls, a bed room complete with bedside table and cup of coffee/tea and a second room that currently only has a table in it.

I still have a lot of a way to go into making it actually habitable, and the eventual plan is to have a reception area by the front door, complete with notice board and similar - this is my own private RP Bounty Store, hidden away behind the store will be the R&R centre, with sofas, large display screen and maybe some bean bags or similar - a typical lad-pad.

The second floor should be a two bed room site with a third 'box room'.

The reason why it is yet to he done is quite simple: money.

In Wildstar decoration items (decor) cost money, either ingame gold or renown (a resource that I am clearly too low level to have squired as I don't know what it is) and right now I am level 15, the first level you can buy a mount for 11g and I have a grand total of 3.5... Smooth!

So over the weekend or week I intend to push to get that remaining 7.5 gold (shouldn't be too hard) get my motorbike; the game call these things Grinders, but being aware of what the iOS app is by the same name, I am reluctant to want to refer to my ride as a Grinder.

Once I have my bike I can then look back into fixing my house and opening it up to the server's RP community so everyone can see how unoriginal I've been in copying everyone else's ideas!


Anyway, it's only just gone 0730 and I feel my eyelids being drawn closed by the gentle rocking of my train to work.

Until next time; stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside

--PS Wildstar freaking rocks!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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  1. Seems creepy until you find out the only time I use Skype is for podcast segments, I have a phone for normal conversations. I fined auto recording stuff just eliminates the need to remember to do stuff which is handy when you're drunk as often as I am :)