Tuesday, 24 June 2014

It's so freaking hot!

Greetings friends!

So how was your weekend? I hope it went well!

Mine was fun as on Saturday I was left looking after the youngling until the early afternoon on Sunday.

This allowed for lots of fun as we went to the local pet and reptile house and she got the chance to get up close and personal (through a tank's glass) with some big spiders, lizards and snakes!

Naturally she loved this and with hope we can go back this weekend.

We also got the opportunity to watch some fun films like Return of the Jedi which she enjoyed up until the end of the Jabba bits as it got a bit slow and boring around then so she lost interest - can't blame her for that.


I've also been trying my best for the past week to deal with a small flea infestation in our house. No idea how they got there as our cats have been outdoor cats for a good year or so with no problems, but oh well these things happen.

We've picked up insecticide for the furniture and carpets, and using that has drastically cut down on the number of fleas we can see on the cats and changed the bites I've received from multiple in a day to one bite every couple of days. Sadly the stuff we used on the cats themselves only 'repels' fleas rather than killing them; ie it's shit, and the vet has advised we wait a further 2-3 weeks before we use another brand as cross brand use can cause massive complications, so there's not much we can do on the cats themselves right now.

My plan in the meantime is to keep up with the hoovering and regular washing of furniture while regular spraying of insecticide. I understand that fleas spend 95% of their life on furniture and the environment rather than hosts, so with hope the insecticide will keep the numbers down until we can use a killing spot-on drop on the cats to hopefully deal with them all.

It's an ongoing battle that is getting me a little stressed out and my paranoia isn't helped by the plethora of information online; like did you know a female flea can lay up to 50 eggs in a single day. So when I comb my cats and see maybe only a single flea on one of them, my mind is telling me how come tomorrow there could be 50 eggs hiding somewhere, then another 50 the next day, and do on.

Thankfully however, due to cat exclusion and use of insecticide both our and the youngling's bedroom appears to be clear as we are only getting bitten when we are downstairs. I take that as a good sign.


The damned heat isn't helping. I'm supposed to be studying, but every time I pick up my book(s) I just stare at them like an idiot while my brain melts.

I know I just need to crack on and get it done, I just wish we'd have a proper storm, get rid of this fucking humidity, and sod it; get summer over with so we can start enjoying autumn and winter.


I'm still playing Wildstar, last night I hit 24, so only one more level until I can use my deluxe edition hoverboard.

I've read up on them and in this game hoverboard serve the same purpose as mounts except for one difference; they can travel across water. The only issue with this as we all know "those boards don't work on water", "unless you got POWAH!" And from what I've seen, powah is something they do not have... A shame but I can live with that.

I've also founded my own guild: Foreshadow. It's a name that has been in use since we started a guild in Aion, it was picked by going to dictionary.com and selecting their word of the day. I really liked it and it's stuck ever since. Of course the rest of Foreshadow haven't fallen in love with the game like I have so currently it's just me.

I guess I should say:
Newly formed Lightspire Exile PvE/RP Guild LFM!


On Sunday I managed to get my first game of Aliens: Colonial Marines in as a co-op team, playing alongside the wife as she picked it up the other day when it was super cheap on Steam.

As many of you know, I love this game and in the past year, excluding MMOs, it's my most played PC game, so being able to play it alongside my favourite gaming partner was a blast! Having the two of us covering each other against swarms of Xenos was just too awesome to believe!


And that's it from me for now, I'm going to sit back in my hot train and melt all the way home.

Until next time; stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

PS: for those who have missed it, a new episode of Hobby Sofa is out featuring me, Andrey and And Wiseman.
Check it out and give us feedback and ideas!


- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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