Friday, 6 June 2014

A Week in Gaming: Wildstar - Day 3

Greetings friends!

I'm not going to faff around today, instead I'm going to jump right into my recount on last night's events.

Day 3: Thursday
So I started where I left off. My character Yanoslav or Yano for short was dressed in his awesome threads:

And I had just met up with a number of other Mordesh who had tasks for me involving the local Pygmy critters.

To start with I had to let myself into one of the many caged areas where I was required to perform numerous different methods of torture to the little Pygmy dude one of which involved electrocution.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not above a bit of torture now and then, but I've been playing this game in character, and while Yano doesn't mind killing bad guys, torturing natives who are already being held in captivity is not his idea of fun, but to progress the game he had no choice than to do as requested. It was a very Milgram moment.

Anyway, following on from electrocution, burning, freezing and cutting it was revealed that these Pygmy dudes were surprisingly resilient and the Mordesh Milgram asked me to go into the field to find more info.

While out there I was tasked with more killing; which was fine as those Pygmies are pretty lethal in large numbers. I was also able to study some anomalies in their home village revealing a form of science at play as the anomalies appeared to be altering the pygmy's ability to control necromantic powers and with it their resistance to pain.

The mission ended shortly after I discovered a lore-cube revealing that one of the ancient creators had introduced the anomalies with the exact purpose of altering the Pygmies to make them more useful. This made me realise that I had been slaughtering a species that had remained unchanged thousands to millions of years old, all in the name of science. Finally they needed me to render the Pygmies a low threat to them by summoning their aspect of death and killing it proving to the Pygmies that we were not to screwed with.

Sure enough the Pygmies left me alone after that and with a swift relief I left the Mordesh camp in search of a contact who had called me asking to meet.

En route to meet this contact I stumbled across a small settlement of little bunny people called Lopps:

Now the Lopps had been attacked by a big monster, their village in pieces, but they still made me feel very welcome and traded with me for some needed supplies.

In exchange for their kindness I agreed to help them out with protecting their village. It wasn't hard, set a few traps here, kill some predators there before searching for some of their townsfolk who had gone missing.

This venture took me into a nearby cave where I discovered the reason for what had happened. By now it had become obvious that the Lopp were obsessed by all things shiny, and one of their number had made off with some very large shiny eggs greatly upsetting the eggs' mother and causing the murderous rampage on their village.

It did not take long to convince the Lopp with the eggs to return them, or at least to let me return the eggs for them.

Eggs returned, mother calmed I said my good byes to the Lopp and continued with my journey to meet my contact.

The meeting site turned out to be a large tree that had recently been occupied by the Aurin, waiting for me there was the Aurin Queen who the locals insisted I visit urgently.

Meeting the Queen (we're becoming good friends now after the events with the Mech-Tree where I acted as her arm of vengeance) she told me of her assistant who she needed to remain at this tree after she leaves as the tree-village's new leader, before this could happen however, the Queen's assistant needed 'help' passing the required trials to be appointed leader.

It quickly became apparent to me while the Aurin were members of the Exiles and not the Dominion; they are self appointed victims, requiring their to-be leaders to complete trials of might and intelligence, but giving these positions to those unable to actually perform these trials requiring the white-knighting from others to get them to do what they should be able to do. I made a note of this, ensuring that if for any reason I was captured by the Dominion to sell this information if needed. I'm sure the Cassians would love to know about this weakness, and frankly I have absolutely no problem in selling out a race who requires others to do everything for them before claiming the spoils for their own.

So I did these trials on the to-be leader's behalf before attending the appointment ceremony for the new leader.

I expected to get an acknowledgement, after all I was the one who literally did everything, but no the closest I got to a mention was the new leader admitting that she 'had help'... Help? More like a freaking proxy!

With that I turned my back on their impotent queen and went to meet my contact who was waiting for me in a near by part of the tree-village.

Turned out he was organising a party to explore an artefact site nearby, while he was gathering supplies and resources I proceeded to gather the other members of the expedition.

After a quick jaunt around the nearby adventurers' guild I was able to pick up a good party who were ready to head out in search for riches...

...then I saw the time and had to log off for this night!


So what have I learned so far? The Mordesh like hurting critters smaller than themselves, the Aurin are apparently picked on by every other race in the galaxy, big tree-mechs can die surprisingly easily and never trust anyone who claims they were attacked 'for no reason' as they probably stole the attacker's eggs.

Until next time; stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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