Monday, 22 September 2014

Back to work with a catch-up

Greetings friends!

So first things first my exam on Saturday did not go so well. It was a resit of one I say back in April so I already knew where I was lacking from the first sitting. What is most uncomfortable is that I still massively fell over in the exact same places again. This leads me to think that in these segments of the module there must be 1, maybe 2 keystones that I either understand in the wrong way or are omitted from my understanding. Something very similar happened last year when I sat by Basic Accounting Part 1 exam and after speaking with a tutor who was able to send me up to date reference material, I found massive chunks of vital information that was omitted from what I had been sent before. I was then able to sit again and walk away with a 70%+ score. So I've contacted the company and with hope they can send me info again, as something is seriously wrong.

As you will know, last week I took a trip to The Big Smoke with my Mini Moo. Not only was it her first trip into London, but it was her first time on the underground and national rail!

The whole thing went extremely well, and almost all of my concerns were alleviated by my Youngling who normally is very stubborn, agreeing to do exactly as she was told; holding my hand and not throwing any tantrums.

So we walked from our home to the train station, then we took a train to London, which was 40 or so mins of the Youngling staring out the window at all the sights of the train line.

We did have a bit of a crying session when we went through a tunnel and the pressure caused the windows to slam shut. It was sudden and unexpected and may have caused her to get very unhappy for a short while.

After this we took a change to the Underground, something that she was really unhappy about. I think it was a combination of the cramped conditions, loud noises and lots of people, but she held on tight and in no time we were at our destination of Green Park followed by St James Park. There was a hiccough in the middle when she saw a series of royal horses walking to the palace and she really wanted to get closer to the horses and did not appreciate being restrained at all.

Then we had a nice trip through St James park where we then quickly called in on my office; said hello with introductions and the usual 'bring your child to work parade' followed by a sit down lunch at my desk.

After this we went back to the park where we saw lots of swans, varieties of ducks and even got up-close with a squirrel!

Then the very tired Moo dragged herself back to the tube, then to the train where she slept the journey home before being woken up and walking back to the house.

All in all she did about 2 hours of walking with lots of new things to see and very little downtime beyond the train/tube rides, so I was super proud and happy about how she behaved and accomplished that day.

I've since asked her if she enjoyed her trip and she always answers with a big "YES". I then ask if she wants to go back, which is followed by "NO". I don't think she actually doesn't want to go back, I think she would just rather wait until she's a little older than (less than) three.

I think I'll take her back around the same time next year, only this time I may take her for a trip to Hamleys, which despite being a little rubbish; I know she would super enjoy.


Of course this isn't everything. So on Saturday on the way to my exam and on the way back from, I listened to two Podcasts which gave me the inspiration for two new additions for First Law: Override.

The first of which is fleshing out the levelling system combined with additional benefits of Sponsorship.

Now currently at level (5?) you get to select a Sponsor. That gives your character access to a Branded Spacecraft and unlocks story packs for your party. Everything else the Sponsor gives you is limited to the market and exclusive abilities, but despite the initial Spacecraft, there's little 'WOW' factor.

So here we have a new WOW-Factor in the form of... Branded Land Vehicles!

Yup, when you reach max level (15?) you are gifted a branded vehicle for use in terrestrial games. What you get depends on your sponsor; if you represent the Wraiths then you'll be getting a sleek anti-grav bike with fast top speed but pretty poor handling. If you belong to the ORMC then it's a half-track quad-bike. It's not as fast as a jet-bike but it's got much tighter turning circles etc.

These vehicles can be used whenever you as players want to use them, however when using your vehicle you will be using a form of the Flight Path system, so no pre-measuring and if you slam yourself into a wall or off a high structure, then you will have to deal with the consequences.


The second part is the introduction of the first Boss Mission.

So a Boss Mission, as you can probably imagine is a mission that features a Boss character.

Now fighting bosses will not be easy, but to help out the players they will be designed on a scaling system so the higher rating your team is, the more powerful the boss will be.

But you are not looking at a set mechanic however. You're going into this knowing that you're going to have to deal with the boss and so the Story Progression System will factor in on this.

So if you try and stealth your way to the boss, being careful not to set off any alarms in previous missions, then the boss' mission will involve the boss having less guards and less defensive and offensive capability. If however you make a loud ruckus getting to the boss, then they will undoubtably be kitted out the nines. If however you epically fail at the previous missions, then maybe your introduction to the boss is you and your team, strapped into a chair having the boss punching you repeatedly in the face while they try and establish who you work for!

And so we are introduced to the first boss to be created:

General Brask - High Commander of the Kratel Empire's Army.

General Brask was been in the service of the Kratel Empress for most of her life, having been raised from a pup to be the finest warrior the Empire had ever trained.

Brask is ruthless and will do anything required in her task of hunting down and killing all members of the Red Claw.

Brask is a melee expert able to use all known types of close combat weapons whilst being proficient with most ranged weapons as well.

She is accompanied at all times by a male Kratel pup who accompanies her either dressed in rags or naked, shackled and dragged along via chains. She enjoys using her latest pup as a plaything however once it reaches adolescence she mercilessly kills and eats it to quickly replace it with a new, younger specimen.

The Red Claw see General Brask as the military might of the Empress and want to see her dead at all cost, while many Humans and Hydan see Brask's treatment of her slaves and male Kratel in general as distasteful and the General is in need of disposition.


So there we have it!

My update for the day and where I currently am with a couple of things.

Hope you enjoyed the little walk about and with hope will speak again soon!

Take care and I'll see you Fringeside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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