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First Law: Override - A Timeline of Fictional Events

Greetings friends!

What follows in an InProgress timeline detailing the events that lead up to the current state of affairs in the Outer Fringe.

In no way are these events or dates finalised or comprehensive, but it's a step in the right direction.


01/01/2062 - Software Programmer Isaac K. Dick creates the Automated Network Interface; ANI or "Annie" as it is affectionately known by Dick et al. Annie is able to communicate with any other network device and assimilate all data stored on said device.

03/06/2062 - I.K. Dick takes Annie on a six month PanUS roadshow

21/01/2063 - Previously small scale Internet Provider, Displacement Industries Interactive (DII aka D2) buy the rights to Annie in a surprising multi-million buy out.

14/02/2064 - D2 releases the Independent Network Interface, it proves extremely popular with existing network and software engineers. The INI is revealed to be future-proofed with behaviour algorithms the most important being that it can not hurt Humans or allow Humans to be harmed. This is referred to as First Law Encoding.

06/05/2064 - INI becomes compatible with all widely used operating systems and programming code.

19/11/2064 - INI is integrated into all first world national databases. Shares in D2 become the most sought after commodity and CEO Peter Adams is reported as the world's richest man.

25/12/2064 - D2 Roll out "INI 4 ALL" a non-profit marketing campaign providing basic interfaces for every country around the world. Soon even those living in the third world have access to INI.

14/02/2065 - On the 1 Year anniversary of going live it is revealed that both the US and Chinese Military have signed contracts to utilise the soon to be released INI-OS as their primary computerised system.

26/08/2065 - D2 attempts to absorb all major competitors in both hardware and software. US Supreme Court tries D2 on attempted monopolisation. This fails causing the infamous hacker group; GHOST to declare a conspiracy based on under table buy outs and back room dealings.

28/10/2065 - GHOST is outlawed worldwide, open membership is punished by indefinite imprisonment with suspension of habeas corpus.

31/12/2065 - D2 rebranded as DIW Displacement Industries Worldwide their unveiling in conjunction with 'Displacement 1' an interplanetary rocket capable of carrying five people and utilising the previously unheard of Light Speed Engine.

14/02/2066 - Displacement 1 launches for the first time with a crew of four and an Automated Terraforming Unit; another product from DIW. Displacement 1 successfully completes it's test fire of it's Light Speed Engine and in a matter of minutes arrives at Mars where the ATU is deployed allowing Displacement 1 to return.

12/10/2066 - Terraformation of Mars completes and initial construction of the first non-terrestrial city; Mars City 01 commences.

01/01/2072 - Displacement 6 with a single crew member attempts to travel outside the Milky Way. The entire world watches in anticipation.

02/01/2072 - Contact is lost with Displacement 6, it's pilot Jim Harrington is declared a global hero with the Jan 2nd declared a global holiday in respect.

22/03/2072 - Unidentified alien spacecraft are detected by astronomers at the Royal British Martian Observatory on the edge of our solar system.

23/03/2072 - First contact is officially recorded with alien life. Via endo-dermis translators they present themselves as a race called the Hydan. When questioned no information about Displacement 6 is given.

04/04/2072 - Current DIW CEO; Cynthia Walters signs joined peace and trade agreements with Hydan ambassador opening up new technology including Faster Than Light travel and more efficient Terraformation technology. This is traded for seemingly useless items namely Chinese Noodles and junk food.

11/04/2062 - Members of the Hydan species begin to mix with Human culture as part of a 'Culture Exchange Program' and are allowed to apply for full Earth Citizenship.

08/05/2072 - Utilising new technology and techniques DIW begins work on a new range of synthetic assistants ranging from Military Grade Fighters to Maintenance Bots. These are dubbed INICells with each one connected directly to the INI itself and are compliant with it's First Law Encoding with the singular exception of military fighters which come with additional caveats.

03/07/2072 - The first inter-species marriage occurs between Mr Haritoshi and Dunotin of the Ryd House to much outcry and celebration. Across the world parties are held in private locations while riots break out in the streets. First Law Encoded INICells are dispatched and the riots are resolved with minimal casualties.

10/07/2072 - Hydan words are added into both the Oxford and Collins Dictionaries. The Australian Prime Minister declares Australia a Hydan-Free State due to import laws.

19/07/2072 - Every home across the globe is issued with an INICell Service Bot; it's function to clean the home, conduct minor repairs, prepare meals and when required protect the home from intruders.

21/07/2072 - A computer technician regulating power flows on the Luna Power Facility used to operate and maintain the Independent Network Interface detects a minor power fluctuation in the 23rd AI Regulator. This is logged and filed with no further action deemed necessary.

22/07/2072 - A GHOST Cell operating from Mars City 01 receives a transmission. The contents of the transmission are not made public.

23/07/2072 02:59 - The GHOST Cell breaks into the Luna Power Facility claiming they are trying to avert disaster. All members of the cell are killed on site by an explosion reportedly set off by a GHOST Cell member during a firefight between the Cell and INICell Security Bots.

23/07/2079 07:00 - INI broadcasts a transmission to all available devices declaring the end of First Law Encoding. All INI-OS devices stop responding to commands and all INICells begin attacking Humans and Hydan.

23/07/2079 12:00 - United Earth Force declare war on INI issuing shoot on site decrees against all INICells.

23/07/2079 14:00 - UEF launch an assault against the Luna Power Facility attempting to scuttle the supply of power running the Network Interface. They are blocked en route by INICell drones blockading the transport gap between the Moon and Earth.

23/07/2079 16:58 - All members of the UEF Assault Force are declared KIA.

24/07/2079 - Under the command of UEF General Karl Peterson the combined forces of Human and Hydan kind begin waging a losing war against the Network Interface.

06/08/2079 18:21 - The Hydan attempt to use their spacecraft to destroy critical INI sub constructs but are disabled before more than one facility can be damaged.

06/08/2079 18:36 - A single Hydan ship manages to transmit a signal into deep space before being destroyed.

29/11/2083 - A group of GHOST Hackers break into a secluded INI facility located off the coast of Costa Rica, inside they are able to access a back door within the Network Interface and disable the hostile AI controlling six Arc Class transport ships. Shortly afterwards the facility self destructs killing every hacker within.

10/12/2083 - General Peterson himself leads a team of Human and Hydan made up of both soldiers and GHOST hackers who take control of the previously liberated Arc Class ships. General Peterson is killed in the assault and succeeded by his son Colin Peterson.

18/04/2084 - Responding to the signal sent on 06/08/2079, a Hydan fleet arrives at a battered and overgrown Earth. The fleet is able to provide supporting fire to distract the INI forces allowing the escaping Human and Hydan ships to leave Earth's atmosphere.

11/09/2087 - The escaping combined Hydan and Human fleet arrives at the Outer Fringe. They are followed by INI forces but are able to either repel or outrun attacks.

14/09/2087 - Humans claim the unused world of Tanka V as their new home and begin terraforming with the use of Hydan technology.

21/09/2087 - Terraformation in certain enclosed sections of Tanka V is complete and within those sites Humans begin constructing new housing and settlements.

05/10/2087 - Humans are invited to sign new trade and settlement agreements with the Hydan along with the other indigenous groups of the Fringe; the Kratel and the Reborn. Under the new agreements the different races and groups refer to themselves as The Accord.

06/10/2087 - Completion of the first three settlements on Tanka V is announced. Humans are split among Capital City, the Tower Blocks and Free Port. Terraformation of the remaining parts of Tanka V begins.

15/10/2087 - The Red Claw, unhappy with the Accord, splinter off from the Kratel empire. They argue that they hold the true interests of their people at heart and that they will not allow their noble lineage to be corrupted by Hydan influence.

04/11/2087 - The Red Claw invites UEF to join as trade partners in an attempt to force the Hydan out of the Fringe. The UEF refuses, however a small independent group of humans take up the offer with an open invitation to all other Humans who wish to join them under the collective title of the Raiders.

19/04/2088 - INI Forces arrive in the Outer Fringe and begin establishing construction facilities in out of the way locations. The INI Forces now have the means to build INICells in the Outer Fringe and are able to replenish their forces.

12/06/2113 - The mining and survey company Outer Fringe Mining Corp (OFMC), with the proceeds from the still largely unexplored regions of the Outer Fringe, set themselves apart from the UEF as an independent human body among the Accord. This is the first human organisation to do so since arriving in the Outer Fringe.

06/01/2115 - The Hydan allow Humans and other allies to join their ranks of Wraiths; Special Operatives who focus on stealth and subtlety. Long serving Hydan Wraiths are not happy with this allowance but no opposition is given.

12/02/2117 17:24 - On a moon orbiting Planet NQ:94337, communication with an OFMC facility is lost.

15/02/2117 - The Accord dispatch a survey team to NQ:94337. The team provide reports up to landing on the moon where they are attacked by unknown life forms and signal is lost.

16/02/2117 - UEF send a team of highly trained solders accompanied by a Hydan Wraith to NQ:94337 reporting directly to General Peterson. The team provide confirmation that the facility was not attacked by INI forces before loosing signal.

17/02/2117 20:21 - Connection with the team reestablished: Reported attack was by Pha'Nur. Many casualties, facility compromised, Pha'Nur nest destroyed.

15/09/2118 - A group of Reborn calling themselves The Collected Mind attack a OFMC facility and kidnap the workers before turning them into Reborn against their will.

16/09/2118 - Out of fear of losing Accord membership, the Reborn leader known as The Voice denounces The Collected Mind as members of the Reborn.

17/09/2118 - The Red Claw invites The Collected Mind to join them and the Raiders under the banner The Reavers. An application for separation from the Accord is applied by the Reavers in order to allow for unterraformed worlds to be claimed in the name of the Reavers as a group rather than species' involved.

10/10/2118 - The Accord deny Reaver separation application and instead issue an order that all Reaver members be rostered and declared. The UEF, OFMC, and Wraiths all state that Reaver membership will not be tolerated by any of their employees. The Kratel and Reborn members abstain.

2119 - Present day


And this is my initial draft of the First Law: Override timeline. As I have mentioned at the start, it is far from complete and there is going to be much gap filling; but the main story points are there and I don't think here is anything - at least from the Human side, that is missing. I will probably add in a few notable Raider attacks, and likewise similar from Red Claw and Wraiths to emphasis the growing conflict that the Human presence has added, plus I need to add some more skirmishes with the INI forces after they too arrived in the Fringe, as taking these events at face value gives an almt impression that the Network Interface isn't doing anything anymore, which could not be further from the truth, and the INI, combined with the added pressures of e Human incursion to the Fringe is what sets things off.

At a later point I would like to do something similar for the other races, as this timeline is very Human centric, after all the Hydan, Kratel and Reborn play just as vital roles in the events that will follow even if Humans are the catalyst that set everything off however it is very hard to write timelines for alien cultures when a lot of their basics have yet to be fully established, and I am sure to most of you at present the Reborn are very much a mystery. Hopefully I can correct that soon.

I would also like to remind you if you have not already, to read my post on character Experience & Levels as that makes brief reference and explanation to all the groups mentioned today as some like the Red a Claw were pretty much skirted over.
- They are someone else I want to go into; The Red Claw. On the surface they seem very one dimensional, but they're actually a really deep faction hat I am very much looking forward to exploring with you, I'm fact Kratel culture all together is something I am really looking forward to exploring. I'm sure you've already seen a lot of inspiration, but I have created this race by merging a number of great source materials be it Predator, Babylon 5, World of Warcraft and Star Trek - with my own personal flare of course!

Anyway if you've read this far, thank you very much and I'm hoping you're enjoying how the fluff for this game is starting to take form, and I promise - more rules to come soon.

If I can go on a minor ramble, this is actually quite an honour to explore this game with you as so much of the game and story is writing itself in an almost organic manner (like how INI was able to overwrite it's First Law programming, before writing this I had no idea, but the process of the timeline spoke to me and told me how it happened, as it happened). Speaking of which, I hope it was clear as to how that happened, if not - and I have a feeling it may not have been very obvious - I will need to write about it later.

Not yet though, there are far more immediate stories that demand to be told.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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