Tuesday, 30 September 2014

It's time to do something I have never done before...

Greetings friends!

So we are only a couple of days away from October which has with it some serious implications.

Namely it will be only 1 month until November, or as it is known within the fundraising world; Movember.

For those unaware of this phenomena it is where men across the world grow moustaches or as they are sometimes known: "Mo"s.

The aim is to do so for charity and raise money and awareness for testicular cancer. In the UK it has become the male equivalent of Race4Life for women.

So yes my dear friends. Ol' Doc Lox is going to do something he has never done before. I am going to do something for charity.

I want you to realise this is not a small deal to me. The word 'charity' is largely a swear word in my vocabulary but for the first time in a very long time I am both in an employment position to be able to do something like this but I am also comfortable enough in myself to do this and largely out of principle more than anything else I feel I need to do this.

Of course there is one thing that stands in the way:

My full face beard.

That's right, my face is already covered in a nice rug of hair which keeps me snug and warm. Growing a moustache or a full beard is nothing new or special for me, as is the case with many men nowerdays, however if you go back ~10 years when Movember began it was a different story and there were a lot less men sporting these true displays of manhood!

Instead my pledge is instead to shave off hair instead!

For the past 12 years I have had somewhere between a goatee, which became a van-dyke which was then joined by chops before being filled into a full face beard.

The first part to be covered though was the chin and so that will be the first to go!

That's right; on 1st November I will be turning my Full Face Beard or Box Beard as they call it:

Into a biker beard, or Friendly Mutton Chops:

But that's not where it ends!

Oh no!

In true gaming style we have: STRETCH GOALS!

That's right! If I get over a certain amount pledged then the Biker Beard will be replaced with none other than the Winnfield

And then followed by that the Fu Manchu:

So what do I need for you guys?

It's simple really, in a matter of days I will be creating my justgiving account and will publicise it here when I do. So if any of you could donate that would be awesome!

But also advice on the stretch goals. What sort of figures should I set? Do I want to go down the 'easy' route of perhaps £25 for the first and £50 for the second, or maybe shoot for the moon; £100 for the first and £500 for the second?

Like I said, charity is largely a swear word to me, proceeded by the phrase "I don't give to" so this is wholly alien to me, and I would heavily appreciate any/all advice I could be given.


- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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