Wednesday, 30 July 2014

First Law: Override - A Proper Introduction

Greetings friends!

So over the past few days the concepts about what my latest game project has swollen and grown into what I am currently sitting on at present.

The game in question is First Law: Override a Cooperative SciFi Tabletop Adventure Game.

Perhaps the description is wrong; perhaps 'Cooperative SciFi Tabletop Adventure Game' is not only long winded but also inaccurate. It is with hope that after this post you, the reader can tell me.


What's up with the name?
For those unfamiliar with the title it refers back to Isaac Asimov's First Law of Robotics, which in it's most basic form states that no robot can harm a human. As such the title First Law: Override refers to this law being literally overridden.

Within the fluff no one knows why the First Law was overridden or even who did it, but roughly five years ago it happened and when it did the machines that up to that point were serving mankind to make it better went rogue and attacked us.

What scale is the game?
First Law: Override is set to be 28-32mm game with board size ranging from intimate 2x2 games to larger 4x4 depending on the missions taking place.

Where is FL:O set?
Ok, First Law: Override (or FL:O) is set on the other side of our galaxy in a region known as The Outer Fringe.

The Outer Fringe comprises of many planets and stars, most of them inhospitable, but there is the occasional world that is not only useable but in a few cases has spawned life of it's own case.

But FL:O is not restricted to these worlds, there are space stations, floating derelicts and of course in-space battles, all of which are exploitable to you the player!

What characters can I play?
Currently there are three classes a player can create.

First you have the Soldier, those who excel at combat.

Second are the Hackers, those who can use technology as weapons either taking control of enemy turrets or activating/deactivating security systems.

Third and final is are the Rogues, these characters are outsiders to most but make a living either doing questionable actions or bringing down others who do.

What about races? Can I only be a Human?

No good SciFi game would require you to only play a human, instead you have the following choices.

Human (of course) - Resourceful race balanced as a jack of all trades.

Hydan - Highly intelligent aliens that have a natural affinity to the manipulation of AI units. Their relationship with artificial intelligence encourages them to create symbiotic relationships with these units and allowing them to produce beautiful towering city structures and the skills involved in being a Hacker are valued above all else.

Kratel - Brutal warriors who regard death in battle as the only death deserving a member of the Kratel Empire. Away from their home planet Krata Prime it is very rare to encounter male Kratel who are treated as second class citizens by the female dominated Empire.

Reborn - A faction comprised of members of all other races who wish to further their evolution through integration of technology. Unlike the Hydan's symbiosis with technology the Reborn exorcise dominance over it, bending AI units to their will creating reluctant but terrifying mechanical slaves. The Reborn believe that the merging of flesh and tech is the way that evolution must go and have been known to force this merging on entire settlements of various other races against their will.

What sort of missions will I take part in?

As an adventure game rather than a purely action game, FL:O will have you and your team exploring unchartered worlds on behalf of mining sponsors, investigating deserted ships in the dark reaches of space, fighting off swarms of monstrous aliens, hunting rogue synthetic androids and taking part in space based dog fights. You will see entire alien species rise from almost nothing to being a galactic threat, all the while being under the looming watch of the Independent Network Interface (INI) that routed Humans from Earth on the first place.

How this is played out is up to you the players. You can walk the line from White to Black and all the Grey in between, you can make a name for yourself in your profession and earn the big bucks with high class jobs to deck out your team and ships with the best equipment around, or you can take on daring assaults to steal what you need where the rewards are great but the risks even greater!

This all sounds great! What do I need to play this game?
Unlike many games, FL:O is not played out with any particular miniatures line or range of terrain. Instead the game gives recommendations but it is ultimately up to the players what they use. Terrain can be decided largely on what is available and the missions will be largely flexible enough to accommodate most commonly available terrain pieces.

Beyond that you need tape measures, a few d10 and your own imagination!


I hope you enjoyed this introduction to the game, and any questions you may have please direct then to the usual locations:
Twitter: @doctorloxley

Until next time; stay safe and I'll see you Fringe-side!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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