Saturday, 26 July 2014

Project: Incubi - Races & Classes

Greetings friends!

So yesterday I 'unveiled' my latest game idea. Today I'd like expand on that with some fluff and class ideas.

That's right, moving away from CRYPTS free form Aspects, Project: Incubi (I really need a more suitable work in progress name; willing to take any suggestions, something containing INI I think as they're the main antagonists, however all the words I've found are things like INItiate or afINIty and I can't help but think that's a little close to Infinity for my liking. Or there's the whole After Earth thing going on... So maybe a word containing AE? But have you googled that? There is literally 913 words that contain AE.

Anyway, so let's move on with today's topic: Races and Classes.

So far the races are done by theme:

We have the Hydan, the equivalent of Vulcans or Space Elves. I have no plans on them looking like Elves however and I want something that looks both intelligent but also non-human, currently I am drawn to Infinity for the Tohaa as I think they look very suitable:

These are great with technology and specialise in using tech at range.

Next we have the Kratel, these are space lizards who prefer brute force over tech and range. Think of them as like brutish Klingons with a touch of Predator. For these I'm going back to Infinity and seeing part of The Combined Army for the brutish look

Next up are are the INI Forces, drones controlled by a tyrannical AI. These are not going to be playable characters but will be enemies and some classes (Hackers in particular) will be able to utilise them as allies. You're looking for smooth tech bots here, so the range of robots from EDEN or the Aleph are all great:

After that we have the Reborn; a Cyborg group that is made up of many other races who use technology to improve themselves. Think of them as like the opposite of the INI Force. Where INI are sleek and robotic, these dudes are dirty and damaged. I've given it a look but have yet to find a suitable range of models, but I'm sure you could in no time.

Last but not least, we have the Humans. Now these guys are the nomadic survivors, and as with the cyborgs, finding suitable models is as easy as throwing a rock I to a crowd and hitting someone.

Next up are the classes. Now currently each Class is split into 2 trees:

First up is the Soldier Class which is split into the following trees:
- Marine Tree: Marines focus on ranged combat with weapons dealing high damage.
- Warrior Tree: Warriors focus on melee combat using weapons to deal high damage.

Next up is the Hacker Class split as follows:
- Ghost: Ghosts excel outside of combat utilising remote hacking tools to access security systems and provide buffs and debuffs for friends and enemies.
- Machinimates: As the name suggests, Machinimates animate and control machines, capable of possessing or enslaving AI constructs such as INI forces.

Following on we have the Rogue class, a class aimed as a middle ground:
- Bounty Hunter: these guys make use of medium range weapons and are good at keeping pace with even speedy opponents. Once they've tracked a target they don't let it get away.
- Smuggler: Always knowing the right price a Smuggler is great to have as ally. They are also fantastic at avoiding detection and keeping equipment or weapons concealed.

Currently that is where I am; not bad for only 2 days of casual planning, I think you'll agree?

Obviously there will be more to come, I have yet to delve into the pure-NPCS races yet for starters and I'm sure there will be more classes to add.

Anyway, it's getting late and I have to be up early tomorrow, so good night, stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

NB: I should probably add, the aim of the trees is to allow for any class to pick from any available tree, but there will not be enough levels/points to maximise all trees, for those who's played MMOs or Borderlands this is not a new concept:

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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