Friday, 25 July 2014

Project: Incubi (An InDevelopment Title)

And now time for a short story:


Thirty seven years ago humanity created the Independent Network Interface, or INI for short; a sprawling AI formed by interconnecting every single computerised system on Earth. The advertisers called it The Super Internet, and we all bought into it hook line and sinker.

For about fifteen years everything seemed grand! With the aid of the INI we were able to do things we had never before. Space travel was realised in a matter of years, real sustainable F.T.L. space travel.

We met all kinds of aliens from the slobbering animal kinds to the hyper intelligent live long and whatnot kind, who by the way have a real love for M.S.G. it turns out.

I suppose you could say it was one of the golden ages of humanity. That was until the INI turned on us. Yeah, it pulled a Skynet on us and we were too stupid to see it coming.

We fought back; obviously, and after five years of struggle we finally gave up and did the only thing we could.

We fled Earth.

It was funny really. Only a matter of years ago; the Hackers were seen as public enemy number one, slicing their way into the INI to cause havoc and anarchy, now we were relying on them to release the AI on the ships we had from the INI so we could make it off world and hope for sanctuary out in the far reaches of the galaxy.

That's pretty much how we've survived from then on. Yeah there are settlements here and there, we do what we can to blend in with the locals, and we do our best to remind ourselves that out here; we're the aliens.

I won't lie to you however, from the raiders looting our supply ships to those Pha'Nur nasties that we've been seeing more and more it's not easy getting by, sometimes we have to do the occasional thing we're not too happy with. Plus the INI followed us out here, so yeah we have to deal with that too.

But all things considered, we're still kicking, and that's the main thing.

My name is Ben Ford and welcome to the UEF Incubi.


Hey friends! Welcome to an introduction to Project: Incubi, a name for something that literally was conceived in my mind earlier today!
- The name by the way is SUPER work in progress-temporary until I can find something better.

So what is Project: Incubi?

It's a game I want to work on set in a fictional scifi future where you and your buddies take on the role of classic scifi tropes (the Blade Runner style Bounty Hunter, the Aliens style Marine, The Space Pirate, that sort if thing) and take part in cooperative campaign games set across the numerous worlds in a coop environment on land and in space.

That's right! Coop! No GMs here!

Think of it as like an Action RPG with semi automated NPCs.

Attempting to mix an original and robust Terrestrial combat system with the tried and tested FlightPath(tm) system it is my hope to create a game system that allows for a great narrative experience that friends can play together and recount as great stories in the years that follow.

So to give an example of how a campaign might work:

In this example you and your friends are Space Pirates, you already have solo FTL flyers of your own but you want something better, a capital ship you can call a home; a very large, very mobile home.

Now you could take on some standard missions to save up the cash and buy a ship, or you could find an old damaged one and try to rebuild it, or you could just do what all good Space Pirates do and steal one!

So you play through the Hijack campaign in the basic campaign pack.

Hijack comprises of three missions:
1). You need to sneak into a high security complex and steal information pertaining to the location of nearby ships. As all ships' AI are track able through the Intergalactic DMV this should be easy. The only problem is the IDMV's database is housed in a vault protected by Patrol-Bots, nigh impossible to kill and will KO you in almost one hit. However they have quite a limited scan range and will always stick to their guard spot comprising of a 20 feet radius. You should be able to sneak past them and get out, failure to do so will result on a fight on your hands.

2). With this data in hand you have tracked down the location of a transport ship, this will do nicely and it is due to enter orbit before the end of the day.

Now you need to get access to the planetary satellite system in order to send out a jamming signal to give your flyers an opportunity to sneak up on the transport ship. The only problem; the facility you need to access has been overrun by INI forces in an attempt to send a message back to Earth. You must get into the facility with use of force and send the jamming signal. Stopping the INI forces comes as a secondary priority, but bonus rewards will be given if you can do that as well.

3). You've found the ship, jammed their signal and now you must take off into space in your flyers to try and disable the transport to allow you to board it and take control all the while fighting off the mercenary armed guard that the transport has.

If you can succeed in this campaign then you and your buddies get to leave he campaign with a brand spanking-waiting to be upgraded with lots of nice new weapons, transport ship!

And there we have it!

I hope you like the sound of this, if you would like to be involved in this game please let me know!

Until next time, stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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