Thursday, 17 July 2014

Furthering the Pleasure - Another Night Painting

Greetings friends!

Yesterday I showed you photos of my Greater Damned of Wrath that I've been painting up, today I would like to show you where I am a whole 24 hours later after more time painting last night.

In addition to this I also have more models to show:

To start with we return to my Greater Damned of Wrath:

He probably doesn't look that different to you in the photos but I have continued work on his shoulder spikes; making them less bone like and more like grey slate. I have also been applying a variety of flesh tones to his dead-human belt making it less 'green' and more rotten flesh in appearance. I have also added more tones to his club and began to apply brown tones to his boot straps along with a bit if colour to areas like his tongue etc as well as discolouration to the metal he carries.

Next up is my Greater Demon Dude, Zaxxan (or whatever his name is):

When we last saw him he looked like this:

So since then I have been working on his armour and weapon mainly. Again going for a similar effect as the Greater Wrath's shoulders; his weapon is going for a 'grey slate' look. I still feel like there's quite a lot if a way to go with him.

Next up we have my Damned of Sloth:

These guys are basically done (their bandages are painted up and their joints and bellies are tenderised) in fact I am actually really quite happy with these results and I am looking forward to finishing them off.

Last but not least we have my fallen Angel:

It has come across quite poorly in the shot, but she actually has quite pale skin, not the tan-bed orange you see here. Where we left her before she looked more like this:

Notice the rather fugly looking robes. The dirty white just wasn't working, so I went with something that would make her really 'pop', hence the red.

In my pipeline I have two Infernal Horde I need to work on, but we're getting there and soon it will be time to varnish and start playing around with Tamiya Clear Red for blood effects (some of them like the Greater Wrath will need more of that than others).

I also thought you might like to see a size comparison, as I think a lot of this time the true scale of these models are lost when they are shown by themselves:

So starting from the right we have the Damned of Wrath, he is a normal sized 32mm model, the normal size you would expect for a skirmish miniatures game. Next up is an Infernal Horde member who is a little shorter but meatier, then we have the big dudes; The a Greater Damned of Wrath and Zaxxan. These two tower over a lot of other models, demanding instant attention and almost certainly being quite visible over a good number of single storey terrain pieces.

It's worth mentioning that I picked these models up not only to learn to play Hell Dorado, but also because I liked the models and had a use for them as models for games like CRYPTS or even Malifaux. As time has gone on I have only grown to enjoy these models more and everything about them from the level of detail to the sheer height and weight of them heavily appeals to me still.

Until next time; stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood
Doctor Loxley

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