Thursday, 24 July 2014

More Painting Done - Hell Dorado

Greetings friends!

Can you believe it's Thursday already?

Can you believe I'm also writing in the morning as well? For the past couple of weeks all my posts have been in the late afternoon as my earlier start has left me knocked out and sleeping on the way in to work.

Anyway, last night I did some more painting where I finally finished a lot of models. Most of them I am very happy with, some less so.

So last night I varnished all my 'complete' Hell Dorado models, including within that list my Greater Damned of Wrath

And Zaxaan

Now out of these Zaxaan is a model I am less happy with as despite being quite large with lots of detail covering him, he is largely the same thing. He is covered in lots and lots of bare skin which, unfortunately looks a little poor when put up against great models like the Greater Wrath.

This isn't to say that Zaxaan is a poor model, as he is not, he is a great model with tonnes of character who was really fun to paint. No his problem is when you put him next to the Greater Wrath who comes with skin, bones, muscle, dead bodies, stitching etc he looks poor in comparison.

Anyway, last night as my varnish had dried I decided it was time I set about experimenting with my Clear Red paint.

The plan was simple; just follow the guides who all say the same thing:
- Dab some clear red over your intended place to begin.
- Using a mixing palette take some clear red and mix in a tiny amount of black paint, the more you add the older and more coagulated the blood will appear.
-Apply via stippling.

So I did this in a number of models, trying different techniques with the brushes on them all.

And here we have the finished Greater Wrath.

For his muscled area I wanted to give them a fresh blood shine so used Clear Red straight out of the bottle with nothing mixed. It's not so easy to see in the pictures, but this has given his exposed muscles a very 'wet' look which is what I was going for.

For his sword, trunk of his club and the blood stain on the base I started off as advised; put down the clear red, then mixed in a slight amount of black and applied that.

At the same time I was using this mixture on my other models to give the original time to dry; this conveyor belt technique is one I tend to use a lot as it drastically increases productivity.

Then I added some more black and applied the new colour, every time stippling and trying to be as random over the exact placements as possible.

Towards the end the mixture was setting and quite dark causing it to be very solid and I ended up scraping it onto the model. This actually created some great results looking like thick dried gooey blood and chunks of meat, the type you would expect on a blade that looks more like a savage saw.

Sadly I made a bit of a boo boo and forgot to take photos of my other models including Zaxaan who's weapon has been transformed from a sheet of metal into a gore covered slaughterhouse tool!

I'm still working on my Infernal Horde models, and they are VERY nearly done, once they are I will take pictures of everything in their completed form and put them up.

Once done I hope to revisit my Malifaux metals I still have outstanding from last year's GenCon. Once done I have a couple of miscellaneous models and that is my collection done and up to date!
- I say my collection as I may be painting my wife's as well as they have remained unpainted for about two-ish years.

Anyway, that's all from me for now; stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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