Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Wildstar: Growing Apathy

Greetings friends,

Today I bring you sad news, but first let's rewind to the end of June.

I was playing Wildstar; my current favourite MMO and weighing up the options as my introduction month was coming to an end and the requirement to pay the monthly subscription was looming.

I had already un subscribed due to the fact that I was not sure I could personally justify the costs.

Just before renewal date on the third of July I reactivated my subscription largely down to my strong desire to carry on from where I was. The story was getting interesting, new mechanics were being thrown at me, my rocket ship house was begging to take form and my hoverboard was freaking awesome!

Now, only a week later things have taken a spin for the worst.

The novelty of the hoverboard has grown stale, the storyline has pretty much taken a standstill, instead re-enacting older stories just in a new location, my house is nearly done (and the ground floor is pretty much as I want it) and I am just no longer getting the joy I was getting out of the game 1 week+ ago.

I'm left looking at my other games, like Final Fantasy 14:ARR and thinking that my money would be better spent there.

The good news is that I can do this and not loose my stuff allowing me to return to Nexus in six months to a year's time and continue.

My plans at the moment are quite simple:

I have 10 more days of boom box rewards to open, so I will do that - and these played a large part in keeping me coming back as a continuous carrot on a stick, but with less than two weeks to go I know that when they dry up I will have less incentive to log on daily.

I hope that as I continue to level I will get more money and eventually get enough to buy an extension on my sub via the ingame CREDD system, if this is not the case however and if by the end of my remaining ~3 weeks I do not have the ingame currency then I will be waving "see you later" to Wildstar.

- I think part of the issue is my lack of people to play with. I want to have a rich and engrossing role play experience while levelling, but I am unable to do this because of the requirements I impose; largely that it must not be static RP and instead be dynamically done while questing, not standing around in the capital city, it must be out in the world relating to what we are currently doing in missions. It also has to be based around my extremely sporadic and infrequent schedule that my family life allows.

Sadly from my experience only a select few are able to live up to these requirements and Wildstar just doesn't do anything for them.

Still, the growing apathy I am developing for the game is a good thing. Before when I still loved playing it I didn't want to stop playing. Now, I could take or leave it.

Until next time: stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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