Monday, 23 April 2012

The Adventures of Geek Dad: Part 10

Good Monday all,

So my week off is finally over and I now have to go back to work (not for long mind, as next week I have my gall bladder op, so I should be off work for most if not all of that week).

The latter part of last week was an interesting one:

Saturday was my wife and my anniversary, and we spent the morning at Salute 2012.

We got there at 11.30 and were greeted with the news that they had run out of grab bags. It was actually a real shame as I still have no idea what was in those bags.

There is one thing I feel must be mentioned; now I've been to plenty of conventions in my time, but Oh My God I have never been around so many smelly people in my time. And it was that unmistakable smell you can never miss, that of a person who hasn't washed in at least a week, uurgh!

The good news is that I stopped off at the stalls I intended to, I looked at Sarissa Precision (who had left their sign in their van so it was quite hard to find them) but decided against buying anything. I love their work, but I wanted to keep my money for other stalls. I'll probably place an Internet order instead.

Next up was a wooden laser cut cart from 4Ground

Sadly this is far too big to use as a supply wagon in Malifaux (requiring it to fit on a 50mm base), but it will still make some nice scenery for New Fairbank.

Straight after I popped to Renedra where I grabbed me some gravestones

And some great looking wooden fencing:

The only issue with these fences, they're actually quite annoying to assemble as they only seem to work in straight lines, no right angles.

After this I stopped off at the Malifaux demo tables, had a little chat with Spiku the Gremlin enthusiast and was thankfully sent in the direction of another stall I wanted to visit but couldn't remember the name of Simple Miniature Games where I picked up a number of Malufaux things as part of their Buy 4 get the cheapest free.

Of these purchases I grabbed:

Night Terrors

Insidious Madness


And the Hooded Rider.

Following on from this I wanted to pick up a nice base to show off The Rider so visited Kerr and King where I nabbed these set of 3 bases

After that it was time to head off and make our way to the hotel for check in. On route we passed through Baker Street Station, now if you've never done so, I'd advise that you visit this underground station as it has given me a great idea for a new fixed gaming board.

After check in, a quick shower and a change it was on to Gilgamesh for pan Asian cooking and the best meal I have ever tasted!

One thing I will admit, it may have only been roughly 24 hrs away from the house and all the child care duties involved, but it was a fantastic weekend.

That said however, as of today, mother and daughter are visiting grandparents/great grandparents in Liverpool until Wednesday - one night away from the baby is refreshing, but having a further 2 nights is actually depressing.

Still, gives me more time to model and paint!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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