Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Nightmare's Friend

Good Wednesday everyone,

It's your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley here with another page of inane ramblings at a time in the morning unknown to both students and Jeremy Kyle contestants!

So first things first, tomorrow's Geek Dad will be put off for a day, instead I'll be running Geek Dad on Good Friday: this is because on Thursday night my wife and I are looking to both log on to WoW for the first time since our Mini Moo was born, as such it will be interesting to see how that goes.

In the meantime, I've been thinking of how to expand my Dreamer crew and how it can fit into my 1 purchase a month plan:

So currently I have the starter pack (Dreamer, Chompy, Coppelious, 2x Stitched) Teddy, and 3x Daydreams, and the plan is as follows:

May: Insidious Madness
June: Night Terrors
July: Alps
August/September: Weaver Widdow & Wicked Dolls
October: Avatar Dreamer
November: Second Teddy

And I believe this completes my options, clearly things may change depending on release dates, but that takes me up to December and with it the option of starting a new crew, I'm thinking Pandora as she can use 1 of my teddies, Coppelious (and with him the Alps through summons) and the Insidious Madness so that should mean that I'll already have some choices when I get her going, unlike my Dreamer who at the moment feels a little gimped through lack of choice.

And with that, if you will excuse me, I'm going to now take a power nap before my train pulls in at Finsbury Park and I have the fun 35 min walk to work.

(Two more days till the bank holiday weekend!)

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley


  1. You missed out the twins. Lelu and Lilitu are both nighmares if memory serves.

    If you're going for the weaver widow and wicked dolls, might I recommend you have a look the way of Zoraida too. She definitely likes the insideous madness and the stictched, being able to pump out a wicked doll when they take some wounds can help you stop them triggering their dying before you can really maximise thier usage. The weaver/dolls are likely to be a good option but only used dolls not widdow so far myself.

    Her box is a bit odd as the other models in there don't massively synergise with the rest of the neverborn but they're still quite good at a lot of the strategies.

    I've recently been running at 25 stones
    Zoraida with:
    1 Insideous madness (4)
    1 Stitched together (5)
    1 Lelu (7)
    1 Lilitu (7)

    Found it to be a really fun crew which does quite a bit of tricksy stuff

    1. You know, I completely forgot about the twins, I think it's because from the pictures I've seen the models look awful, what do you think from an aesthetic point? Do they look better in person?

    2. I'm not sure if I can link pictures on here, but over on my blog I've got a set of them.

      Lelu is a bit meh, his trousers aren't the best design but can be painted pretty easily, his torso and head were great fun though, the outstretched arm is a bit odd but I got used to it pretty quickly.

      Lilitu is an amazing model, I had such fun painting her, up there as one of my favourites so far beaten out by Sonnia Criid and the Executioner but of the Neverborn only the Stitched have been close for me (I've got Zoraida, Dreamer and Collodi's box sets plus Twins & Insideous done so far).