Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Adventures of Geek Dad: Part 11

Happy Thursday everyone!

So usually I would be over the moon about today, as it's the day before Friday, but this week that excitement is slightly muted due to a shift I have to work on Saturday. Sure I get to have a Rest Day in Lieu because of it, but it's not quite the same.

Some good news however! Yesterday the wife and Mini Moo returned home from visiting relatives!

If you had told me 6 months ago that I would be so excited about seeing my daughter after only 2 nights absence, I'd have said that you knew nothing of me and given a mock sucker punch. But there I was for two nights in a row, sat in front of the TV and feeling lost without them both there.

But I did not let that time go to waste, oh no!

Rather than wallow in loneliness I picked up my Salute purchases and got working. (please excuse the photos, the room I took them in was dark so I had to use a flash, will take better photos when they're done)

First off we have my Night Terrors:

These dudes are standard objective grabbers for either The Dreamer or any Resser Crew. It took me a while to decide on how to base them because of a number of factors:
1). The models themselves are sculpted onto a large rock and removing them from said rock would be more tricky than is worth.
2). I want to allow for the chance that if I wanted to pick up a Resser crew, that i don't have Night Terrors looking totally out of place.

So I based them up as you can see. Sure it doesn't match the cobblestone theme of my Dreamer, but that's ok - I think of my Dreamer crew as more on 'Victorian' bases than anything, so in this instance, the Terrors are just on some rocky grassland.

Next up are my Alps:

The models themselves are pretty much unpainted at present, but instead I wanted to try making some more cobblestone bases but have them look better than my other ones. I think these came out very well.

Next up we have my modified Insidious Madness:

You'll notice the additional tentacles around the base of the model. I can't speak for everyone, but one thing I've always disliked about this model was how 2D it looked, which it what these tentacles are supposed to reduce. I can't say I'm 100% happy with the result, but if I want another one I can always proxy. Still have a few touch ups needed on the model mind.

Last but not least is The Hooded Rider:

Again this dude is largely unpainted, but his resin base is coming along nicely.
- the thing I like about this guy is that his base acts as a bridge between the rest of my crew and the Terrors.

So what's next? Well I'm going to finish all the lesser minions over the next couple of days, and then once they're all done and varnished I'm going to get started on the rider - you see he is such a detailed model that I want to make sure I give him the attention he deserves.

After all of that, I'll probably look to painting my Sulaco model I built the other week.

However how all of this will tie in to my available time I have no idea, this is largely due to next Tuesday when I am finally having my Gall Bladder out.
- fingers crossed it will be a nice simple operation with only a couple of days bed rest needed, but I have to allow for the possibility of things going wrong.

Speaking of hospitals: a big shout out to my fellow mali-blogger and twitterer Richard Smith who by now should have his little bundle of joy, hope everything goes well man!

And that's it for now, as always thanks for reading, and see you through the breach!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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