Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Levi vs Dreamer and The Knights of Royal England

Good Tuesday all,

So the bank holiday weekend is over, the good news is that in 4 days time it's the weekend again!

The better news is that the week after this is annual leave for me and the following Saturday is Salute!

Before I get started, a quick request for help, my wife has a top of the range custom built laptop, I mean it's more powerful
than you can even get from Alienware today. Sadly it's over two years old so out of warranty.

Well yesterday she had a message saying that one of her RAID 0 drives was failing, does anyone know if this is fixable without having to get it sent off to the manufacturer?

Ok and on with the show:

So on Sunday I played my regular sparring partner, me with the post-errata Dreamer, him with Levi.

Because of many reasons, partially because we wanted to make good use of the hill, and also because neither of us could be bothered with actual tactics - and my opponent had never played with Levi before we simply used Claim Jump (which we made the whole top tier of Chapel Hill) and decided to scrap it out.

My crew was the same as before for my 30SS games, Dreamer/Chompy, Teddy, Copellious, 3x Daydreams, and a stitched. He played Levi, Alice, 4x Steam Punk Aboms, a Necro Punk and a Canine Remains.

The hill played out amazingly, blocking LoS for almost the first two games, while Levi scrambled up his side with part his crew, ran up the path with another part and my crew floated and flew up the side.

In the first turn he turned his Aboms into the Desolation Engine, and killed one of my daydreams, who turned into Teddy, flurried on the Engine and killed it with ease, before being reburied by the Dreamer in turn 2 and pulled out further away by another daydream so he could regen some wounds done to him.

In turn 3 everything hit the fan, Levi himself killed the Dreamer in Melee (where the daydream bodyguard was just out of reach so Shadowy Form had no effect). This caused a nightmare eruption.

First Chompy came forth right between Levi and a waif, Coppellious appeared in Melee with the second waif and a stitched popped out next to the first waif.

What followed was a nasty and brutal Melee fight between Chompy, Levi and the waifs where ultimately Levi and the waifs died leaving only the SPAs and the Necropunk on the board forcing a surrender from my opponent.

The funny thing is, I do believe that if Levi had not killed the Dreamer forcing a melee duke-out that things would have probably been quite different.

Next up, yesterday I popped to Knebworth house with my wife, daughter and Mother inlaw, where we saw The Knight of Royal England put on a jousting show:

These pictures are courtesy of my wife who has mad-leet Snapseed skills!

Sure it was rainy, the entrance fee was pretty expensive and the Mini Moo was crying through most of it, but the Knights put on a great show and a good day was had by all I think.

Well that's it for now, if anyone has any advice about Levi that I can pass on, or how to fix a failing Raid 0, I'd be very grateful.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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  1. All I can say with regard the Raid 0 is handle with extreme caution. As you're no doubt aware the data is split across multiple drives so in all likelihood if one drive goes she's going to loose most of her data.
    Backup all data as soon as you can if you haven't already.
    With laptops replacing hard drives can be complex if it doesn't have an access panel for doing so. In addition due to the RAID 0 you can't simply take one out and put another in without data loss.
    My advice is, if you don't send it back to manufacturer at least take it to a specialist.