Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday morning write up

Good Monday everyone,

So today I'm a little strapped for time, so I'm going to do a small post now and write up another later on.

For starters my game went well, I lost against Levi and had a great time doing so.

Both of us made a load of mistakes, and Chompy really let me down with some bad cards failing to even kill a crooked man! (forgetting that his claws were paired did not help with that)

However one thing I did learn, I need a third Night Terror! As it currently stands their reach with 2 was incredible, what with the usual deployment, the Dreamer's 7" fly, then a 6" placement (and both of them coming out with an All My Friends trigger) then a good 18" max range move with Flock Together.

That's a potential 43" range, throw in one more and that's 43" range plus one action, essentially in turn 1 the opponent can kiss any objective counter goodbye.

As it went however, I only had 2 terrors, and instead they flew up Chapel Hill, one of them got shot at by Levi and died.

The second was still useful however in that it flew into the enemy crew, dropped it's darkness and reduced their range and WP, which is always good.

So I need to do something about getting another Terror.

I'll probably just get another clamshell, as having the possibility of fielding 4 is always good, but in the meantime I can't really justify the spend after spending far too much at Salute.

Then it struck me, my Mali-Raptor from my Austringer was still going spare! Putty up some legs, maybe a replacement head and bam! One 'bird-man'. Sure it's supposed to be a 'bat-man' but at least this is based off an official Wyrd model, will look a little freaky and gives me something to try my hand at.

I'll maybe give it a try tonight and will let you know.

- anyway I'm late for work as I had to give blood prior to my operation tomorrow, and my train is nearly at the station. Catch up soon!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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