Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Brood Mother

Good Wednesday,

Well yesterday was interesting, I rushed home from work because my Moo's day care was telling us she was in a bad state and not reacting well to her meds, by the time me and the wife got there, she was fine! Happily playing with her toys as if nothing had happened!

But I'm glad it happened. I knew when I had the call that she'd be fine, but I was seriously worried all the same.

I knew it was just a stage of parenthood I had to go through, I needed the 'your child is seriously unwell' call, so I could get through it and see that as my rational mind was telling me, she'd be fine.

In other news, we're beginning to finalise the tournament info. The inter club tournament is starting to take form, but the Titan tournament is still dragging it's heels.

Last but not least, yesterday I painted up my Nephilim:

I'm very happy with how they came out with a thematic colour scheme and muted over all effect.

I also like how Lilith the Brood Mother is a complete opposite to Perdita Ortega in both modelling style but also in how I have painted them.

It should make for some striking demos.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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