Friday, 22 June 2012

The [Dead] Heat of the Moment

Ok, please forgive me here, I wrote a great blog post just now, it was witty, thought provoking and intelligent. It also raised the IQ of everyone who read it by 6 and had a Stamina buff of +80.

But then my phone decided to randomly close my app and not auto save the blog. So I'm afraid you'll never get to read that masterpiece.

I think historians would look back and say "that blog post was the moment that changed the world. That was the catalyst that altered our perception. The Wild Stallions used Air Guitar to fix the Ozone layer, and Dr Loxley used his writing to bring about a new world order.

But anyway, instead you get this summery:

-Inter Club Meet & Greet booked for 04/08/12: See this link for details

- Will be playing game as Lilith this Sunday as practice for demos.

- Henching outfit arrives. Doesn't fit and will be making do. <- too fat!

- Will, your doing great with your models, keep it up and don't worry about asking for painting advice.

- Thanks to Dave and Tim for Flavour Point ideas, will be using them.

- Club tourney just a week before inter club day, may need to move it forward. Will discuss on Sunday.

- Seven Days...

Thank you and good night!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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