Monday, 4 June 2012

Squigfest 2012: How it went

Good Monday all!

To those of us in the UK, it's a bank holiday today and Tomorrow, and I hope you all have fun plans.

As you may remember, Saturday was Squigfest 2012. A day long event full of friendly games of Malifaux. Or so it was supposed to be...

The day kick started at around 10am when the guests started arriving. The plan was to host one large game where every player only used 12SS worth of minions, no masters, no spells, abilities or triggers. This would allow 2/4 of the players to get to grips with how the duel system worked.

Then we would break for a BBQ along with two other friends who were visiting for a catch up.

Following this we would split into 2 groups of 2, 1 'experienced' player vs 1 novice and essentially run 2 demos. The winners would then play each other for a chance to win The Golden Squig 2012!

As a memento every player was given a Squigfest 2012 Malifaux Reference card, courtesy of the cards designed by Ratty:

What actually happen was very different. A lot more chaotic and possibly a lot more fun.

For starters one of the players couldn't make it due to being ill, so the mass demo was only 3 of us. This game however took a lot longer than anticipated,

On top of this we had continuous showers until around 1630 when we hurried outside and had our planned BBQ.

Following this we decided to have another game, just the three of us using 12SS again only this time with rules and a shared Treasure hunt strat.

We has altered the rules on the shared treasure hunt to make it that you get 1VP if you end a turn holding the treasure, then whoever had the most VPs would win!

We were going to have another 4th player from the non-playing guests, but sadly they had to leave too early to play.

The game consisted of me with Dreamer/Chompy, 1 Day Dream and 2 Stitched. The remaining as SS. Player 2 used Seamus, a Bell and a Punk Zombie. Player 3 used Lady J, 2 hounds and a Death Marshal, as with me, the rest as SS.

In turn one The Dreamer turning into Chompy was able to grab the treasure before being pushed back by the Day Dream (which caused the treasure to drop). Lady J went on to kill the Day Dream which turned into a Stitched. The Stitched unburied right next to the Treasure and picked it up.

After a few more uneventful moves, Turn 1 was over giving me 1 VP.

Turn 2 commenced with the Stitched being Lured by a Belle and in doing so dropped the Treasure.

A Hound then ran forward and grabbed the treasure and my Stitched was made Insignificant by Seamus.

This left me in a bit of a bad situation, Chompy and The Dreamer was a little rubbish with Treasure movement due to buying and pushing, so I unburied the last Stitched who Gambled against a Hound he lost enough to ensure that he got reactivate allowing me another 2 life gambles. This time he was able to win and downed the Hound.

Turn 2 ended, and no points were awarded due to the remaining Hound being insignificant.

Sadly at this point the game was called due to time, which left me as the only VP holder!

All in all it was an extremely fun day and we're looking forward to a follow up.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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