Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Of Mice and [Hench]Men

Good Tuesday all!

Well last night I had the great news! I am now an official Wyrd Henchman (on probation).

I am currently speaking with Leisure Games about my first demo session, but I am looking for it to be Saturday 23rd June.

Once I have this confirmed, naturally you will be the first to know and I hope some of you can make it, say hi, maybe take part in a demo (or give me some hints on how to demo better) and more importantly have some fun.

In the spirit of fun, I'll be debuting my 'Steampunk Cowboy' look at this event, however I may still be awaiting my waistcoat as it appears to be coming from Thailand. Regardless, here's a sneaky peak:

That's my trusty hat, had it for about 6 years and it's always done well by me - of course the goggles are a new accessory.

One thing though, I'll be looking to print off some A3 flyers to give to the store in advance to advertise the demo day, something they can show to customers to increase awareness - any ideas on what I should call the event, and subsequent demo events? I'm just unsure if using Malifaux Demonstration as a title will work all that great.
- what about 'What is Malifaux?' written in the official font, with a quick blurb beneath advertising the demo day?

Anyway, thanks for your time and I'll be sure to keep you all updated!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley


  1. I would also like to add; A super mega good luck to my wonderful wife!

    Today she starts her new role at her workplace as a trainer, teaching people how to do the job she used to do before she went on maternity leave.

    I know she'll do well, but I can't even begin to imagine the culture shock of returning to work after an 8 month break.

  2. Congratulations, I'd considered the henchman program but held off so far on the basis that I'm far too busy with my WFB commitments this year. Now that those have started to unwind I'll need to look into it.

    Good luck to the wife too, training is something I do and can be either great fun or incredibly frustrating depending on the attitude of the people you're training.

  3. Congratulations! I think it was fairly recently (yesterday maybe) you were worrying at the idea that you were not going to get it. Glad to see it came though, if you need anything please feel free to ask.