Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Plans & Portents

Good Wednesday all!

Wow three posts in as many days! I have not done this in a e while.

So we left off yesterday with the news that I've been made a henchman (thank you to everyone for the grats, and also thank you to everyone indirectly for either encouraging me to apply or for supporting me before, currently and in the time to come).

To (poorly) paraphrase a term heard in almost every Apprentice episode; I've got a fire in my belly and I'm hungry to see how far we can roll with this.

Well before we move on, I'd like to say, so far (1 day) being a henchman seems awesomesauce! I was finding myself lagging with my commitments and determination, something you all probably saw with the quantity of blog posts.

Plus there were less editorials and a lot more 'general life updates' and frankly who wants to read that? :p (yes I am aware of the irony considering this post).

But this has given me a fire in the right place to get things moving! Only time will tell if that fire will fuel my motivation, or burn it to the ground (that sounds so Emo!)

Anywho, yesterday I was lucky to get in contact with the henchmen for Cross Gaming Club and Clapham. Together we are looking at the possibilities of inter club games/tournies/leagues. Currently this is something that we are very Very interested in, and I'll update you in how it goes.

I have also semi finalised details for my demo day at Leisure Games:

These are the flyers I'll be handing to the shop and seeing if he is happy to give them to customers as added publicity. It's simple and to the point - and if you think you could do better, please do - literally, I'm not 100% happy with this, and if someone wants to make these better, please do!

I also come to you this morning with breaking news: Dead Heat: Malifaux World Wide Campaign

This is what we have all been waiting for folks! It's Campaign (beta) rules for Malifaux! And utilising henchmen such as me and those near you, we can roll this out on a global level!

If your interested in taking part in the first global Malifaux campaign, read the link above and check out the rules. This can be tied into leagues, friendlys, anything really. If you and your best buddy has a game and you use the campaign rules? That counts! Just be sure to let a henchman know so the results can be passed along to the campaign organiser.

I'm going to finish off with three more announcements:

First off is Avatar Dreamer:

This is a model which I would say could go either way. I think the photo is not all that flattering, but keep in mind you are got getting the full scale of it. We're looking at a 50mm base here, and that's an actual bed the Dreamer is riding on. I think a sideways photoshot would be the seller for this piece (and if anyone can get me one, I'll love you forever).

Next up is something I've been waiting a very long time for, The Weaver Widdow:

This is a model I love! She's large and a great combination of the sinister, hidden behind a sweet facade; everything The Dreamer and Neverborn in general tend to embody. I may need to modify her a little, maybe give the front of the frock a parting with spider legs spilling out, just to make her even more horrific.

Last but not least we have the Vintage Fate Decks:

Now just look at these, the discolouring, the resemblance to 'actual' playing cards. I see these as very popular and I'll be certainly getting a deck myself as soon as my LGS gets them in!

And that's it for today! Thanks if you lasted all the way to the end, your a real trooper!

I'll be returning soon with more craze and wacky-tacky to keep you all updated, but for now, take care and stay safe.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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