Tuesday, 26 June 2012

There comes a time...

... Where every man must admit to his limitations.

In this case it is my own limitations when it comes to organising events for the Dead Heat campaign.

I've spent the last two weeks trying my best, but my own club has little to no interest/availability until after August.

This is largely due to the release of 40k 6th Ed and the number of 40k events they ate committing to as a result.

My hopes were to run 1 tourney day in July, the Inter London day in August and a League for the 2 months.

As it stands I'm going to have to recruit new players on Saturday just to find a large enough team for the August inter London day and not let the other clubs down.

It sucks as it means despite trying my damnedest I've been struck out from assisting with Dead Heat, but oh we'll, time to take it on the cheek and use this time to build the interest in the area so I'm not in the same position this time next year.

And so again, I reach out to my readers, if you can make it this Saturday, please do! My carry bag arrived yesterday, so I'll be there with my Gremlins, Nightmare Lady J, Perdita, Dreamer and Lilith.
- Maybe you already know how to play Malifaux but would be interested in giving one of the above crews a go because you've never played with them before? If so come on down!

I'll be using my Cardstock terrain which after testing on Sunday takes to public transport well and can be easily set up as below:

I'm still going to host my Flavour Tournament, but it looks like it will be in September now.

More info as it becomes available.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley


  1. Good luck with the event. A bit of bad fortune in terms of the timing of setting this up, Malifaux is still largely a niche game in most hobby communities. My local club has about 6 of us who sort of play. Me and 2 others are committed and 4 others with 1-2 crews who are still getting into the game and need to play more to get the gamespeed down.

    Compare that to a club 30 mins away which is thriving, Malifaux is nearly established as their core game (competing with FoW and H&WM) so they don't do GW stuff at all really which means the 40k release has no impact on them.

    I'm hopeful that Malifaux will pick up at our club, but it's taking it's time to get going.

  2. OMG did you build that in your kitchen...

    1. Kind of. Why don't you come along tomorrow and I'll explain in better detail

    2. Kind of. Why don't you come along tomorrow and I'll explain in better detail