Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Secret World - Day 1

Good Saturday all!

As I write this I am waiting for a train to take me to my first demo day!

It's scary :s

The other day I promised a friend of mine that I would produce a rough report on the soon to be officially released game: The Secret World (TSW).

Last night was the first night of Head Start. For those who don't know, it's when the live servers are opened early for those who Pre ordered the game.

So all I can give you are the impressions from my experiences across the betas and from 1900-2300 last night. But regardless, some experience is better than no experience.

First off, I would like to thank Funcom for what feels like one of the smoothest launches I've experienced. I had no problems logging on, and zero server disconnects. My lag was minimal despite high player activity.

Now I know this is not launch and instead head start, but it is my belief that because of the preorder bonuses such as beta access, most players who want to play the game will have preordered, therefore on live day I don't foresee the experience being very different.

Ok, now I'm going to break this game down into different categories, these will be randomly selected and purely based on what enters my head.

Graphics: this game is pretty! The use of blurring and lenseflare creates some truly picturesque shots!

There are a few issues with the player models, like i personally think the female arms are a little too thin, but that could've my personal oppinion.

Character Creation:
This is great! In no time at all I was able to mix and mash the head options to create a character's face that I was actually happy with - please note this never happens to me in game, I always end up settling.

The clothing options are a little uninspired, but that's fine by me, they're starting clothes, and they feel like it - normal inoffensive clothing options.

Ok, this is the meat and potatoe of games, and so far TSW doesn't disappoint. The controls feel responsive and as I run around the world, I feel like my character is actually in it, which in many recent games (especially Rift) I have not had and it's limited my fun.

They have also slightly jiggled things around a little, the HUD now has a slider for size (this does not effect the chat box) and I have found this incredibly helpful in reading the mission boxes.

In short, after I reconfigured the controls to play how I like them (still using the same controls from CoH) I felt like I was back in a familiar world that while it looked different, it was friendly and welcoming.

The mystery:
The whole point of TSW is that there is a world alongside ours. That if you get lost in the streets of London you can find yourself in a back alley labyrinth connected with rooftop walkways and the unseen population of the city scampering in the shadows.

That the recent attacks in Florida are not drug related, but the beginnings of a zombie outbreak, and that the security camera that keeps moving is not on a set pan program, but is actually following your every move.

As those who came before me and left their footprints in the sand have already said: "Believe Everything: Trust Noone".

And let me tell you, even the opening game cinematic has you questioning your loyalties. You know what your seeing is not a dream, but who do you listen to?

Big things are coming to this game, the question is not: Is it worth the purchase? (it is) but Can they keep this level of standard and quality up for the years to come?

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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