Monday, 25 June 2012

A team of 4, a team of 4, my left nut for a team of 4!

Good Monday all!

As I write this my Malifaux bag should be running it's way to the house in order to be picked up by my lovely wife.

Yesterday I played my first game with Lilith who will be one of my main demo crews, and I must say I am very impressed with her.

The game was against Nicodem, and one of my schemes was kidnap (I love kidnap!) out of the three targets I had to chose I went for a canine remains and a punk zombie, both of whom were standing next to each other at the same time I had Lilith and a Mature Neph stood hidden behind an Illusionary Forrest.

With a quick transposition between the hound and the Mature, Lilith was then able to quickly dispatch the hound with 2 hits from her greatsword. This was followed by the Mature Neph who thanks to Brood Mother was able to activate straight after who then dispatched the Punk Zombie!

Now that was a fun activation!

Sadly however things were not all rosey. The opponent I was really hoping would be willing to come to the Saturday 04/08/12 MaliDay in Clapham, but he was a no go. For a team of 4, I currently have 1 (plus me as a reserve).

I'm going to be recruiting next Saturday at my demo day, but please, if any of you think you can make it and would like to join our team, I'll be forever grateful!

We have also decided on a date for the Titan's MaliTourney!

It's currently scheduled for 26th August! That's the last day of the Dead Heat Campaign! With hope, it being the last day might get people interested outside the club. Some last minute campaign points for their faction.

I'm afraid that's it currently, very little more to report. I trust you have all had a nice relaxing weekend, and I'll be sure to keep you updated.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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